Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 2 December 2023

‘How can those which have a perverse impact be eliminated with all due speed?’ asks Charlie Boy

It’s a good question given the perverse impact of the monarchy living off the backs of the people while lecturing us on how we must accept poverty, deprivation, and 24/7 control in the name of the human-caused climate change these psychopaths have invented to justify their Hunger Games dystopia.
These parasites of the people, these fake self-appointed demonic ‘demi-god’ hybrids, must be de-throned for humanity to dismantle the system designed to impose global servitude.
While there is a monarchy producing a head of state by who had sex with who in what order, a position secured by birthright no matter how dense and stupid you may be (see Right Charlie), the population is not taking its plight even nearly seriously enough for freedom to prevail.
They are the very symbol of ‘elite’ bloodline oppression and exploitation of the masses.

The Dream

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