Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 2 December 2023

Doctors who insist on providing only phone or internet consultations are dangerous and should be fired

A new study published in the BMJ Quality & Safety journal found that GP appointments over the phone or online risk harming patients.

An analysis of remote NHS doctor consultations between 2020 and 2023 found that “deaths and serious harms” had occurred because of wrong or missed diagnoses and delayed referrals.  Distracted receptionists were also found to be responsible for deaths after they failed to call patients back, The Telegraph reported on Wednesday.

For anyone who follows Dr. Vernon Coleman, this should come as no surprise.  He has been warning for years that doctor/patient consultations conducted remotely would result in thousands of misdiagnoses and deaths.

Nearly four years ago, when doctors first started refusing to see patients “live” in their consulting rooms or at home, I warned that this unprofessional practice would result in thousands of misdiagnoses and deaths.

It was clear, right from the start, that it was absurd and cruel that doctors should be too frightened of catching the rebranded flu to do their jobs properly.

Any doctor who believed their government’s lies about covid is a fool.

Any doctor who believed the lies that the covid jab is safe and effective is too stupid to have a medical licence.

And yet thousands of doctors took advantage of the fake covid scare to abandon their jobs and their patients – staying at home and speaking to patients only on the phone or via the internet.

Was it laziness? Was it stupidity? Was it cowardice and a pathetic, misguided sense of self-preservation? Or was it part of the medical establishment’s official and deliberate plan to kill as many patients as possible?

Four years ago I warned that this practice would prove lethal for several, very obvious reasons.

First, you cannot listen to a patient’s chest over the phone. You can’t listen to the heart or the lungs over the internet.

Second, you cannot examine a patient’s body for lumps or rashes over the phone or over the internet. Third, you cannot take a reliable pulse or a blood pressure reading over the phone or over the internet.

Fourth, you cannot take a temperature over the phone or over the internet.

Fifth, you cannot spot many small but well-known signs of illness over the phone or over the internet.

Sixth, you cannot look into a patient’s ears or eyes over the phone or over the internet. And you can’t look down their throats either.

Time and time again over the last four years I have pointed out all these problems – and many more – and argued that doctors who refuse to see patients `live’ are worse than useless and should have their licenses taken away. Doctors who insisted, and in many cases still insist, on dealing with patients only on the telephone or internet are scrofulous loobies, muggles, chouses and podsnappers.

I also pointed out, back in 2020 (and indeed long before that) that many millions of patients don’t like talking on the phone and find internet consultations impossible. These patients are being denied treatment.

And now, at last, the British Medical Journal has published a paper confirming that my fears were absolutely accurate.

An analysis of remote NHS doctor consultations between 2020 and 2023 showed that some patients had died and others had been seriously harmed because cruel, idiotic and lazy medical bawdy baskets had insisted on seeing patients only by phone or over the internet. Diagnoses had been missed. Wrong diagnoses had been made. And referrals for hospital treatment had been delayed. Doctors who see patients only on the phone are relying on patients self-diagnosing.

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