Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 1 December 2023

My enormous thanks to the Hardwick Hall Hotel at Sedgefield for having the backbone to stand up for free speech and host my event last night after the Labour-controlled council cancelled the booking at Middlesbrough Town Hall when they knew it was me

The Astoria in Middlesbrough then took the booking and cancelled when they knew it was me. The Labour council’s contempt for freedom and the right of the public to choose what to hear will be happening nationally if Cult-owned Starmer becomes prime minister.
Appalling as the Tories are – Triliteral Commission member Starmer will be the Cult on steroids. So now I am banned from 27 Euro countries (soon to be 29) and Australia, plus many other countries if I tried to go, and … Middlesbrough Town Hall! I am supposed to be a nutter, right? That’s some response to try (TRY) to silence a nutter.
Thanks again to Hardwick Hall for having the guts, decency, and commitment to freedom of speech and putting Middlesbrough council and the Astoria to shame. Great event, great audience, which included two people who flew all the way from AUSTRALIA to be there. Humbling.

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