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The Humanoid Invasion Is Coming, Like It Or Not!

The world’s great powers are in a race to create a powerful new species of humans that are not human at all, but they will be used as powerful tools of intimidation and deception.

China has published plans to mass-produce humanoid robots by 2025, as Western companies including Elon Musk‘s Tesla race to produce their own humanoids, The Daily Mail reports.

The British news outlet spoke to leading experts on how humanoid robots could change the world – with one expert saying that the tech will grow exponentially this decade.

Goldman Sachs has predicted that the market for humanoid robots could be worth $150 billion a year worldwide within 15 years — and that humanoid robots will be viable in factories between 2025-2028 and in other jobs by 2030-2035.

The technology will have a positive impact in many fields, believes Marga Hoek, author of “Tech for Good,” but people need to prepare for it.

Hoek said that predictions suggest that up to a quarter of all jobs could be lost to robotics and AI technology. But that’s not a bad thing, she says. We must embrace it.

Hoek told the Daily Mail: “My biggest worry is that all humankind spends a lot of time on fearing, instead of accepting and anticipating.”

Hoek said we need more research to be done on which job roles will still “add value” in a world of humanoid robots. She said, “If we don’t train people, if we don’t anticipate, if we don’t radically change around the school programs, for instance, we’ll be too late.”

What she seems to be saying is, we need to train people to accept their fate. You will be obsolete and learn to like it? Even Yuval Harari admits this is a big problem in a world being taken over by AI. Harari has said that the human feeling of not being needed is even more difficult than the feeling of being oppressed or taken advantage of.

Yes, it’s a natural human tendancy to need to be needed — in our personal and professional lives. But the technocrats want to steal that from us and then shame us if we don’t go along.

Hoek predicts that rather than human caregivers, humanoid robots will look after the elderly as well as young people with disorders such as autism.

Doesn’t that sound like something to eagerly look forward to? You get old and fragile, so instead of a family member or a caring nurse, you get a machine to look after your needs. Oh boy, I can’t wait.

Some Japanese robotics firms already have developed female “sex robots” that are said to be near life-like. Now men who are into this sort of thing are saying they don’t need a real woman, who presents all sorts of emotional and personality challenges that they’ don’t want to deal with.

Are you noticing a pattern here? All of the God-ordained behaviors for humanity, whether it be a caregiver for the elderly, a spousal relationship, a worker-employer relationship, they’re all going to be replaced by humanoid robots.

This is a Satanic mockery of humanity, and like everything Satan proposes, it’s a poor immitation, a counterfeit doomed to fail.

If we listen to the world’s “experts” we are destined to find out the hard way that this is a satanic deception, a horrible dystopian nightmare, a new dark age.

All of us who wish to retain our humanity must hold fast to the authentic and resist the counterfeit. Hopefully I’m not alone in my rejection of this anti-human, anti-God, anti-Christ new world order run by AI, which will be under the control of an elite group of globalist technocrats. I don’t think I am. We can all say, thanks but no thanks to the globalists trying to convince us that the future will be bright if we just lay down, roll over and accept all of their diabolical transhumanist lies.

The book of Revelation speaks about apparent miracles being performed by the antichrist and his false prophet. These powerful “miracles” will in my opinion most likely involve advanced technology. They will deceive many. Part of technology’s power is that it engenders a feeling of inferiority and helplessness on the part of all those who refuse to jump on the bandwagon. There’s a special invective for those who warn about a technology’s potential for misuse. You can here the mocking, condescending tone in Dr. Marga Hoek’s quotes above. Those who “fear” that AI will be used for evil are branded as a backward and dangerous lot who just need to get over themselves. They intend to otherize all of us who send up red flags of caution about the advancing beast system.

No offense to the Daily Mail and their so-called expert, Dr. Marga Hoek, but this is something that we need to not only fear, but resist and fight against with every fiber of our being.

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