Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 30 November 2023

Politicians have created a multicultural monster beyond control

Back in July, around the time of my birthday, I happened to clock a protest by women my age in south Dublin. Several splendid Irish mammies with crossly-crossed arms and don’t-mess-with-me-mister expressions were blocking roads in their neighbourhood after rumours circulated on social media that 60 undocumented male asylum seekers were to be housed there. “We come out and stand here and protest to keep our children and grandchildren safe and we are called ‘racist,’” one woman said defiantly. “People are afraid. There is no one coming to speak to us. All the political parties do is use Facebook to call frightened women racists and bullies.” What struck me about those women in their 40s, 50s and 60s – women with daughters and granddaughters to worry about – was that a major part of their anger arose from the fact that, not only were they not being heard, they were being treated as the problem. They weren’t the problem, and they knew they weren’t.

The problem was that their government was allowing men from God-knows-where into their community. Mainly young men who would want sex (how rarely that basic fact is mentioned) and who came from countries where girls with their heads uncovered, their flesh exposed, are viewed by some as fair game. It was perfectly clear to the Irish women that the safety of their children should come first, above any other consideration. In any previous generation, it would have. But Western governments like theirs are so wedded to a multicultural experiment that they have failed to prevent a large number of illegal migrants (and far too many legal immigrants in the UK’s case) into their countries, often without adequate checks.

This is such a vast, epochal mistake, the consequences so volatile and hard to control, that governments are now running scared and cannot own up to their mistake. Instead, the people must be blamed for their “hateful” reaction to the mistake.

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