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Vertical Travel, Time, and the Suppressed Marvels of Mercury (hg)

“You can send organic material through the ring, or inorganic through it by itself. But you could not mix them. The Vril-Jaeger 7 created it’s own electric field around it so a human could survive in a metal box. But without that field of the 7 engaged, anyone and everyone on the same pad would have been disintegrated instantly when the flux hit. At the other end of the tunnel in space one would have people with bodies of steel and aluminum rods through them. We tried that before and failed terribly at it. I feel so sorry for those that volunteered and those that were just used for the experiments.”

~ Department of the Army Airforce File on Interview with Windfield Otto Schumann, Discoverer of the Schumann Resonance. Original document prepared and placed in Subject’s file: February 1946.

The Crusade to Ban Mercury

Today, mercury is mostly associated with it’s toxic effects on human health. But this naturally occurring element found in the earth’s crust has incredible potentials that remain largely unknown to the masses. While it’s negative impacts have been popularized by both mainstream and alternative media, it’s positive powers have been intentionally suppressed. So when the European Union moved to ban mercury-containing batteries, thermometers, barometers and blood pressure monitors back in 2007, many people praised their decision without understanding it’s other incredible properties.

“It is the stuff of legend, the key to alchemy and witchcraft, a deadly poison and yet also a potent medicine. We use it to weigh the air, generate reflections and also to measure our temperature.

And now Brussels is banning it. Of course, not even the European Commission has the power to ban a chemical element, but what they have done is forbidden its use in traditionally made scientific instruments on health and safety and environmental grounds.”

~ Michael Hanlon, The magical properties of Mercury, the metal the EU wants to ban

The United States followed suit with The Mercury Ban Export Act of 2008.

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