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Brain Computer Interface, The Quantum Computing Of Consciousness And the Humanoid Avatar

The technology to mind control humans wirelessly without surgical chip implants has been around for a while. The good news (and easier to understand part) is at the end of the article. Thanks Ana-Maria for posting this. – Anita Baxas,MD

In this lecture, Prof. Sakhrat Khizroev (University of Miami) discusses how new and advanced materials can be used for interfacing machines and the human brain. He explains the research project funded by DARPA and the progress in wireless Brain computer interface via magnetic nanoparticles are key to this technology. I have explained in my previous post the relationship between spin states of subatomic particles and Torsion fields, and how this relates to the C19 bioweapons in recent research findings. Torsion Spectroscopy Evaluation Of Post C19 Injection Induced Magnetism And The Possible Implications For Humanity. Do The Bioweapons Modify Consciousness And Is Big Pharma Involved In The Paranormal?

Writing into neurons under the guise of repairing is actually direct mind control wirelessly. This is what I have also discussed in relation to bidirectional telemetry. When you write into neurons you alter the fundamental throughts of a human. Now think for a moment what effect the HAARP ELF field has had for decades on the human brain.

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