Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 27 November 2023

This is such puerile nonsense from Johnson at the pro-Israel march in London.

A few things: 

1. Why are you not equally condemning the mass-bombing with state-of-the-art weapons of Gaza? 
2. Why are you not pointing out that Hamas was created by the Israeli government? 
3. Why are you not asking how Hamas operatives could be allowed – allowed – to breach the most protected border fence in the world? 
4. You say you are at the march to ‘show solidarity with Jewish people’. Fair enough, that’s your right. But the vast majority in other marches are showing solidarity with Gaza people. What’s the difference? 
5. You say that the response has shown ‘the absolute necessity for Israel to exist’. What – because of the mass public reaction to Israel’s latest mass-bombing of the innocent?? 
6. You say ‘Whatever the rights and wrongs of what Israel has done or is doing’ nothing justifies antisemitism. In that case it must therefore be true that ‘whatever the rights and wrongs of what Hamas has done or is doing’ nothing justifies the collective mass punishment of civilians and children. 
7. You say your position and that of the UK government is for a ‘two-state solution’ between Israel and Palestinians – a nonsensical position when there is no land left for two states as Israel absorbs the West Bank and now takes over Gaza. 
8. The ‘old spoor of a virus’ you call antisemitism has not ‘flared up’ because people in general hate Jews, but because they consider collective punishment of the innocent to be abhorrent – as they should the October 7th attacks on Jews which were ALLOWED to happen by the Israeli government. 
To think that Boris Johnson was Prime Minister of Britain is terrifying given his lack of balance and sense of fairness. You can see why Palestinians have been stitched up by successive UK and American governments since the early 20th century and why they have never had a chance of fair play, justice and equal treatment.
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