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The “conspiracy theory” around October 7 is proven to simply be just a CONSPIRACY (without the “theory” part)

The above image is probably one of the most well known Internet memes ever with regards to the term “conspiracy theory”.

In case you still happen to not know this, the term “conspiracy theory” was first coined by none other than the CIA all the way back in 1967.

The reason why I am including this image here is to mainly ‘pay homage’ to a certain Australian “freedom activist” turned ‘journalist’ (supposedly) who used it when referring to so called “blackpilled online trolls” like my colleague Ursula Edgington, PhD & me who dared to raise valid concerns about ARC & its frontman Jordan Peterson.

Said ‘activist/journalist’ used this image when referring to the use of this diagram created by the well known “blackpilled online trolls” called the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, who are responsible for ‘propagating conspiracy theories’ such as the Panama Papers, Pandora Papers and many others and for which they won pretty much all the awards available for investigative reporters in the world today.

Not bad for a bunch of “blackpilled online trolls” propagating “conspiracy theories” ey? Moving right along…

This post is not about any of that though.

The purpose of this short(ish) article is to round off my two previous lengthy articles about the current war between Israel and Hamas and to show that pretty much all of the so called “conspiracy theories” that are raised there have proven to be anything but theories.

Conspiracy FACT 1: Israel DID know in advance about the attack and has allowed it to happen

I’ve discussed this at length in the piece below and have provided extensive evidence to show that this is indeed the case.

Read more: The “conspiracy theory” around October 7 is proven to simply be just a CONSPIRACY (without the “theory” part)

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