Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 27 November 2023

It Seems Most All of Society Is Going About the Problem of Injustice, Fraud, and Tyranny the Wrong Way

“Without justice being freely, fully, and impartially administered, neither our persons, nor our rights, nor our property, can be protected. And if these, or either of them, are regulated by no certain laws, and are subject to no certain principles, and are held by no certain tenure, and are redressed, when violated, by no certain remedies, society fails of all its value; and men may as well return to a state of savage and barbarous independence.”

Joseph Story

We are faced with extreme tyranny, based on a totalitarian model, and one that promises justice where none exists. This should have been realized at the so-called beginning of this country, but alas, the people were once again fooled, as is the common theme of mankind throughout time. As the government gains more and more power, which is the natural state of all government, the people become more enslaved until societies eventually fail. When this happens, a dictatorship may be the result, but more often than not, the lowly masses, and the surviving ruling class, attempt to solve the despotism responsible for the failure, by building a new dominant governing system where a ‘new’ ruling class is given power. Nothing could be more asinine.

What this amounts to, is attempting to solve the problem of rule, by more rule. It matters not if the ‘new’ rule is expected to do better than the last, as that has never happened in history, but that the many think that seeking redress from those who caused and administered the tyranny, to be viable and legitimate. This is an impossibility of course, but has been clung to perpetually, all without any function of  logic, reason, common sense, or use of intellectual brain stimulation.

These same idiotic attitudes are extremely active today, as so many believe that by picking new masters, accepting new politicians, ‘voting’ for different overlords, seeking redress for grievances from government and government courts, or begging government to cure itself, is an answer to anything other than more brutal rule and tyranny. Only fools, seekers of power, or manipulators, pursue such a path of idiocy.

But that is exactly the tactic being sought today, as the mainstream of society has not changed its position or opinions about the State in eons, and likely (obviously) never will. This is known by all who desire to gain power over others, regardless of their claims to be men of liberty, simply attempting to make the criminal State better, when in fact, the opposite is the case. One cannot gain freedom by seeking it in the arms of government, any government. All those who claim to want to make things better by putting new rulers in place, or seeking rule themselves, are either duped ignoramuses, or outright liars. This is without question, as asking permission from government at any level to do things that free men have a right to do, is as mindless and pathetic an undertaking as can be imagined.

This could never be more evident than during these pitiful and absurd election cycles, where all news of importance is sacrificed for the stupidity of picking a new master, or as many have been brainwashed to believe, a new ‘leader.’ The useless term ‘leader’ in every aspect of sanity, is self-defeating, because if one seeks a ‘leader,’ he is admitting to being only a follower, which is the first step to evil unintelligible collectivism, and slavery. No individual seeking real freedom could participate in such nonsensical and preposterous imbecility, but then has not that always been the way of this country and many others. This could only happen if the masses of populations are so dumbed down and indoctrinated, as to be beyond the ability to reason, and instead, voluntarily accept their lot in life as allowed by their chosen masters. This has been the case for thousands of years, and yet, the bulk of humanity has never figured out the grand plot of the ruling classes; which has actually brought about their own serfdom at the hands of the worst of mankind.

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