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Is it worth buying a car from Denmark?

Danish government environmental policy has affected the cost of cars in this southernmost Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Buying and registering a new car is taxed up to 180%. Environmental standards change from year to year, so Danes need to either pay large sums annually or buy a new car that will meet the new requirements. For these reasons, in most cases, it is more profitable for locals to sell a car to a foreigner than to a compatriot. 

About the peculiarities of buying used vehicles from Denmark

When buying a used car in Denmark, you should pay attention to its tax history. It is not uncommon to find out after purchase that the car has considerable debts that the previous owner had to pay. 

As for the documents, you can check that everything is in order at the Danish Transport Authority. You will need the VIN or registration number. All Danish cars that are more than four years old are subject to mandatory technical inspections at private stations, with mandatory reports to the Danish Transport Authority. By reading the reports, you can make sure that the car you are buying has no registration problems or debts. 

Among the advantages of used cars from Denmark, you can name a good technical condition. As you understand, this is due to the presence of mandatory technical inspections. Add to this quality roads and fuel, and you will get a used car with mileage, but in perfect technical condition.

Since Denmark is a maritime country, you should pay attention to the condition of the bodywork when buying. The maritime climate accelerates corrosion processes, so the vehicle may suffer more damage during use on the coast than in normal conditions.   

How to check a used car from Denmark

To check out a used car, you can use:

  • the services of an authorized workshop;
  • with a used car test service;
  • VIN-checking service.

Authorized workshop

An authorized workshop or service station is an opportunity to take advantage of the help of professionals who know the weaknesses of certain makes and models. This is an additional material cost, but it will avoid many misunderstandings.

A used car test service

Buying a car without a test is risky. Visual content and the seller’s description of the car are not a guarantee of the car’s performance. In this case, it is recommended to use special services that will protect you from trouble in the future. Test drives are not cheap, but in some situations there is no alternative to them.

Service for checking a car by VIN-code

The fastest and most efficient way to check. In the report, which is formed in response to entering the VIN-code, you will get a comprehensive history of the car’s operation. Having conducted a small analysis, you will be able to draw your own conclusions about the advisability of buying. 

Checking a car from Denmark by VIN-code will shed light on many events in the “biography” of the car, to check it you need to go to Participation in accidents, theft, number of owners, operating conditions, odometer readings – this information is extremely important for making a buying decision. 

The paid version of the report contains information:

  • the date and country where the vehicle was manufactured:
  • detailed technical specifications;
  • vehicle equipment (its changes during operation);
  • mileage as of a certain date;
  • involvement in traffic accidents;
  • operating conditions (cab service, cargo transportation, etc.);
  • restrictions for operation (theft, pledge, credit, etc.);
  • information on regular maintenance, repairs;
  • insurance claims;
  • components database.


A detailed inspection of a used car is an essential step to avoid many troubles in the future. Optimal in terms of cost and time is a car check by VIN-code, which allows you to get all available information about the car. It has become especially relevant due to the active development of online auctions and in most cases has no alternatives.

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