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SPOT ON: Attack of the killer pylons! Within a few years, ‘this fortress built by Nature for herself’ will have been buried beneath forests of man-made monstrosities

Have you noticed how little self-styled ‘environmentalists’ seem to care about the actual environment?

They spend their time banging back-to-nature jungle drums while simultaneously ripping up the countryside, planting War-Of- The-Worlds windmills in the name of Net Zero.

Our green-and-pleasant is being destroyed by these monstrous turbines, which make Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North, which towers over the A1 at Gateshead, look positively restrained.

(Turbines? Angels of Death, more like, given that they shred to bite-sized pieces anything up to 100,000 innocent birds every year.)

When I was in Scotland earlier in the summer, travelling along the M8 corridor between Glasgow and Edinburgh, I was horrified at the extent to which the proliferation of these ghastly windmills had ruined one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth.

For the past few years, there has been a moratorium on onshore wind, something Keir Starmer has promised to rip up if, more likely when, Labour wins the next election.

Expect, too, a further expansion of offshore wind, which will bring with it still greater wanton desecration of rural and coastal Britain. And coming soon, alongside the forests of wind turbines, hundreds of giant electricity pylons will have to be built to carry the electricity generated at sea.

There’s already a huge groundswell of opposition to plans for a 120-mile long network of pylons stretching across East Anglia, from Dunston in Norfolk to Tilbury in Essex. Only areas of natural beauty, where the lines will run underground, will escape.

In Norfolk, there are valid protests that this will lead to the ‘annihilation of the countryside’.

Quite right, too. (That windmill next to Waitrose at Swaffham is hideous enough already.)

Tomorrow, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will attempt to buy off opponents by promising anyone who lives near one of these pylons up to £10,000 off their energy bills over the next decade.

That’s 20 quid a week, tops, to have a 120ft tall metal structure carrying live electricity stuck in your back garden.

Ministers are promising they will ‘consult with stakeholders’ before taking a final decision. Where have we heard that before? And when did any ‘consultation’ ever stop them?

Pylons are said to be the cheapest and quickest way to meet Net Zero targets and ensure there’s enough supply to power charging points for electric cars when petrol and diesels are banned. Although Rishi Sunak pushed back the deadline five years, Starmer has pledged to restore it to 2030 when he becomes PM.

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