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Israel’s ambassador to Britain warns a two-state solution is ‘not possible’ – of course it’s not because you’ve stolen all the land

A two-state solution is ‘not possible’ after the October 7 terror attack, Israel‘s ambassador to Britain has warned.

Tzipi Hotovely appeared on Andrew Marr’s LBC programme when she was asked about the idea of a ‘two-state solution’, in which Israel would co-exist alongside an independent Palestine state.

Mr Marr asked about a two-state solution, saying: ‘You don’t think that after what happened on October 7 a two-state solution is any longer possible?’

Ms Hotovely replied: ‘It’s not possible because as we speak, the leader in the politic of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas refuses to condemn those horrific crimes that Hamas committed, so he doesn’t even try to look like a different leader than the leaders that are in Gaza.’

The October 7 massacres have been described as Israel’s 9/11. Around 1,200 people, mostly civilians, were murdered by Hamas terrorists.

In retaliation, Israel has launched an offensive on Gaza City which has caused thousands of civilian casualties.

Israeli authorities insist they do not want to occupy Gaza permanently at the end of the war and that its troops are trying to root out Hamas and find 240 hostages taken by the terrorists in a bid to guarantee Israel’s own security.

Ms Hotovely pointed out that Israel ended its occupation of the strip 18 years ago.

She added: ‘In 2005, we left Gaza, so we had no interest in controlling the people of Gaza,’ she said. ‘But the problem that created the seventh of October was the fact that Israel had zero security control on all the ammunition in Gaza.

‘So the prime minister said that in order to demilitarise the Gaza Strip, Israel must have military abilities in the Gaza Strip, like we have in many other places in the region in order to protect our people.

‘And I’m afraid no other country will volunteer to demilitarise the Gaza Strip.’

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