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Police Ban Words “OAP”, “Policeman” and “Middle-Aged” Saying They Could Be “Unlawful Discrimination”

Police officers have been told not to say “man up”, “OAP”, “policeman” and “middle-aged”, along with a host of other common words and phrases when dealing with the public as they could be “unlawful discrimination”. The Telegraph has the story.

The 12-page guidance document, published by Staffordshire Police, warns that “discrimination through language causes offence, patronises and may be unlawful”.

The guide, issued to officers in June, also warned police not to use the phrase “high poverty rates” and instead call deprived areas “communities with access to fewer opportunities”.

A spokesman for Staffordshire Police said the language advice had been issued after a consultation with “external consultants” to ensure everyone was treated with the “utmost courtesy and respect”.

The guidance states that the examples included are “by no means exhaustive or definitive” as language is always changing.

The recommendations also advise against using gender-biased expressions or expressions that reinforce gender stereotypes, such as “man up” or “grow a pair”.

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