Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 November 2023

Why all this effort and money to reach ‘dead’ planets? Why not ask the question WHY they are ‘dead’?

I have been saying since just after the Millennium that we live in a simulated reality and if you wanted to isolate your target population would you want your holographic projection to be full of life that can interact with humans and exchange knowledge?

Or would you project an apparently lifeless ‘dead’ universe in which humans perceive they are isolated and ‘alone’?

You are fronting up this quest for interplanetary travel when you must know what a pointless exercise that is. So you get to Mars. So what? Then what? Why you are doing this, supported by the usual Cult suspects, is the question people should be asking. What’s the REAL reason?

Another thing, Mr Musk. I have talked to several military insider whistleblowers over the years who describe how they were projected to Mars and elsewhere by technology never seen in the public arena (the secret tech is always lightyears ahead of the apparently public ‘cutting edge’) With your fundamental insider connections you MUST know of this technology and what is happening in the SECRET space program. So why are you kidding us that you want to get to Mars by conventional means? It couldn’t be a perceptual diversion could it? I do believe it could.

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