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Nanotechnology injected into our bodies damages our brains, minds and spirits

Biotech analyst and med-legal advisor Karen Kingston revealed in her interview with Dr. Peter Breggin and his wife Ginger that mRNA technology is the gateway into using nanotechnology in human beings in nefarious ways.

She explained that nanotechnology particularly causes damage to the neurological system and, hence, to the brain, mind, and spirit. The industry has always known this, Kingston explained, remarking that even gold nanoparticles without biomarkers on them just love going to the brain.

Kingston says, “It is a very high risk to have these new biotechnology products that really enjoy going to the central nervous system,” breaking through the blood-brain barrier that protects our neurons and their incredibly complex and vulnerable signalling system.

Pfizer’s own internal report surveyed more than 1.5 million people injected with their genetic “vaccines” with an average of at least three adverse events. Their data showed that 700,000 patients – almost half of those injected – suffered related nervous system disorders and that this was the largest category of adverse events reported.

Nanotechnology being ushered into human beings via the covid injections has many objectives, and one of them is advancement in official attempts to control human beings. Authorities have long attempted to gain control of human behaviour, and the latest attempts are tied to developing nanotechnology in humans.

Dr. Breggin recently examined these attempts in detail in his column The Elite Strategy to Physically Ruin Our Brains, Minds, and Willpower’. He believes that the elite wants to terrorise us with the possibility that they have it within their grasp to control our minds and even our specific feelings and thoughts, but he suggests that their real accomplishment is to cause enough brain damage and dysfunction to make us less spontaneous and more docile, suitably diminished to submit to their control over us in the New World Order.

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