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Speed camera vigilante strikes again! Fourth one chopped down in the space of a month amid fears vandals are copying ULEZ ‘blade runners’

A fourth speed camera has been cut down in Cornwall in the space of a month, amid fears that vandals are copying ULEZ ‘blade runners’.

The camera – located in Longdowns on the A394 between Helston and Falmouth – has been cut down at its base.

It is thought the camera was cut overnight between Thursday November 16 and Friday November 17.

It is the fourth in a string of recent attacks that have seen speed cameras sliced down across that part of Cornwall.

Fuming Mabe Parish councillor Peter Tisdale revealed there had been a couple of incidents before the cameras went up of schoolchildren being knocked down when they got off the school bus.

‘The reason we got these cameras in the first place is because there have been quite a few accidents with people turning into the garage,’ he said.

‘But there’s also been couple of children knocked down getting off the school bus trying to cross the road.

‘The cameras are not here for fun. They’ve got to be out of their tiny minds.

‘Are they copycats for ULEZ? Is that what they’re doing? Thinking they are doing some kind of good?

‘No they’re not. We’re talking about public money criminal damage, we are going to put them back, they’re there for a reason.’

This comes as ULEZ opponents, also known as ‘Blade Runners’, have been tearing down and vandalising various cameras that have been implemented in London zones.

They have been wrecking cameras which use automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to implement the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) charges.

‘Blade Runners’, who are opposed to Mr Khan’s flagship policy, have already attacked hundreds of cameras prompting the London Mayor to roll out vehicles to catch those flouting the rules.

They say they want to bring the expanded ULEZ scheme ‘to its knees’ and have a series of ‘exciting plans’ in place.

Last week, a speed camera also on the A394 at Trewennack near Helston, appeared to have been taken out using an angle grinder.

That followed two hacked down cameras a few weeks ago on the A39 at Perranarworthal between Truro and Falmouth.

The vector camera, which records more information than a standard camera, was installed to enforce the 30mph limit in the area.

Ryan Moses said he saw the cut-down camera in Longdowns at about 1.40am and said: ‘I spotted it just after it happened when police just turned up and were searching for whoever did it.’

The speed camera, which has the ability to monitor drivers in both directions, caught almost 700 speeding motorists in its first full week of operation when it was installed in February last year.

Police say it will cost around £10,000 to replace damaged cameras.

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