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Is This Proof That ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines Nearly Double Miscarriage Risk?

Igor Chudov ran a fascinating piece this week where he looked at two studies on Covid vaccines and miscarriages. While the studies had a number of problems that make some of their conclusions hard to credit – for instance, in one the vaccinated were excluded at a rate 75 times greater than the unvaccinated (7.5% vs 0.1%) – Igor spotted that both studies give an estimate of the miscarriage rate in women after the sixth week of pregnancy. Notably, the figures are very different. In one study the miscarriage rate is 8% and in the other it is 14.1%, almost twice as high.

Importantly, the higher figure was from a study where all the women were vaccinated during the pregnancy itself, while the lower figure was from a study where not all the women were vaccinated and those who were were jabbed at any point before the miscarriage (some would probably have been vaccinated during the pregnancy but we don’t know how many).

Assuming the data in each study are reliable and comparable (one is a prospective cohort study and the other based on CDC V-Safe survey data) then this is strongly indicative that being vaccinated during pregnancy almost doubles the risk of miscarriage, at least after the sixth week.

We can’t be sure – there are always potential pitfalls in comparing data from different sources. However, these are two studies published in top journals where each gives an estimate of miscarriage risk after the sixth week of pregnancy, and the one where the women were all vaccinated during the pregnancy is nearly double the one where many of the women were unvaccinated or were vaccinated before pregnancy. That should ring alarm bells for anyone. Particularly when we know the vaccines have caused widespread menstrual abnormalities and were shown in animal biodistribution studies to accumulate in the ovaries and uterus.

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