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UKHSA Pleads Poverty to Get Out of Appraising Lockdown Model Performance Despite £2.4 Billion ‘Covid’ Budget

Some of you will recall that the U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA) claimed not to have the resources to carry out a systematic appraisal of the 100 models forming the backbone of the UKHSA’s mapping review called ‘Effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in the U.K.‘

We have documented its dreadful reviews that include the wrong type of evidence to address the question but still made their way to Parliament as evidence of effectiveness.

So, as we were swimming in cash, lounging by the pool in our villas in the Caribbean, we did the job for them.

We found that the 100 models were not science, but a mass of assumptions and unverifiable statements which reflected the publication frenzy that went off the boil as soon as attention moved away from Covid.

According to Mr. Hancock, when mask mandates were introduced (to please Ms. Sturgeon), there was no strong evidence that they made any difference to the transmission of any viral respiratory agent. This still holds today.

So, the 100 models were retrofitted evidence to try and justify a national policy based on the distortion of the precautionary principle.

We think it likely that a little bit of cash will be found for friends of the UKHSA to find that: “well, maybe, if we do this or that analysis a bit of an effect will be found.”

But does the UKHSA have a few pennies after all to look at the evidence behind a national policy that muzzled most Britons for nigh on two years? Here is a summary of the UKHSA funding for 2022-23:

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