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Strewth! Australia to Become a ‘Clean Energy Superpower’. Just Like Self-Bankrupting Britain

The craziest climate story of the last few months must be the shenanigans at Chinese-owned ‘British’ Steel. In order to reduce the company’s carbon emissions to save the planet from non-existent ‘global boiling’, our useless ‘Conservative’ government is giving ‘British’ Steel’s Chinese owners around £500m of our money to close down its blast furnaces, replace them with supposedly ‘environmentally-friendly’ electric arc furnaces and, in the process, fire over 2,000 skilled British workers. As blast furnaces can melt raw iron ore as well as recycled metal, while electric arc furnaces can only melt recycled or scrap metal, British Steel seems to be turning into a glorified scrap metal merchant. Perhaps we should rename British Steel ‘Steptoe & Son Steel’? Moreover, a cynic might wonder how much effect the expensive closure of these blast furnaces and the associated job losses will actually have on the Earth’s climate.

When questioned about the ‘wisdom’ of this decision, the Business and Trade Secretary, Kemi Badenoch laughably claimed: “The U.K. Government is backing our steel sector. This proposal will secure a sustainable future for Welsh steel and is expected to save thousands of jobs in the long term.”

The only possibly amusing part of this disaster is that the Labour-supporting unions are beginning to see the catastrophic real-life consequences of their party’s (Ed Miliband’s) ludicrous Climate Change Act on the sad remnants of the British economy.

“This deal will have devastating consequences for jobs and workers,” said Gary Smith, the general secretary of the GMB. “It will rip the heart out of the Port Talbot community.”

I’d like to write more about this, but the stupidity is so mindbogglingly obvious, there’s really not much more to add.

This leads on to a rather entertaining (for all of us who have given up any hope of having intelligent politicians) story from Down Under. Our U.K. politicians are forever telling us that by abandoning cheap, reliable coal and gas energy and replacing it with unreliable and expensive supposedly ‘clean renewables’ like wind and solar, Britain will somehow become a ‘clean energy superpower’. While doing so, they seem to forget to explain how we will get our energy when the sun doesn’t shine – for example in the evening and at night – and the wind is either too weak or too strong for wind turbines to work.

Our Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has said: “We need to move further and faster to transition to renewable energy, and I will ensure the U.K. is at the forefront of this global movement as a clean energy superpower.“

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