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The Middle Class Is Working Harder Than Ever, But It Is Being Absolutely Eviscerated By “Bidenomics”

What in the world is happening to the middle class?  Once upon a time, the United States had the largest and most vibrant middle class in the history of the world.  When I was growing up, a single income was all that was needed to support a middle-class lifestyle for an entire family.  My mother didn’t work outside of the home, and that was the case with many other mothers who lived in our middle-class neighborhood.  None of the kids that I played with or went to school with were “wealthy”, but everyone lived comfortably.  But now everything has changed.  The middle class in America is working harder than ever, but it has been steadily shrinking.  With each passing day, more Americans are falling out of the middle class and into poverty, and this is a trend that should deeply alarm all of us.

In most families, both parents have to work extremely hard just so that the bills can be paid each month.

In fact, in many cases both parents are either working multiple jobs or putting in insane amounts of overtime.  At this point, squeezing endless hours out of workers has become a permanent state of affairs in many industries.  The following comes from an NBC News article entitled “36-hour shifts, 80-hour weeks: Workers are being burned out by overtime”

From firehouses and police stations to hospitals and manufacturing plants, workers say they are being required to work increasing overtime hours to make up for post-pandemic worker shortages — leaving them sleep-deprived, scrambling to cover child care duties, and missing birthdays, holidays and vacations. While the extra hours can provide a financial boost, some workers say the trade-off is no longer worth it as they see no end in sight to a problem that has now lasted for several years.

“It’s getting to that fever pitch moment,” said Gonano, who is president of the Virginia Beach Professional Fire and EMS union. “It’s just rampant. People are tired of working all the overtime. It’s definitely causing morale issues.”

Many years ago when I worked in Washington D.C., I remember putting in 80-hour weeks.

Working such long hours can really affect your health after a while.

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