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‘Rishi Sunak Will Regret Bringing Back David Cameron’ (He’s meant to)

A Prime Minister without a mandate of his own has in effect extinguished the mandate and priorities upon which his party was elected with a stonking majority, says Patrick O’Flynn in the Spectator. Here’s an excerpt.

If the Supreme Court rules against the Rwanda plan on Wednesday then can anyone imagine Sunak, Cameron, James Cleverly and the rest pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights? Hardly.

We are back to the land of stuffed suits, handshakes with G7 chinless wonders and eventual elevation to the House of Lords for those who have toed the establishment line.

Perhaps another realignment will now get underway, with the Braverman wing of the Conservatives entering into talks with Richard Tice’s Reform. Certainly many grassroots Tory members will be heading that way.

Once again the smart people in Downing Street have decided that the kind of gut conservatism which fuelled Brexit is a vulgar fringe activity that they should have nothing to do with. Instead, they will seek to sit in the ‘centre ground’ and expect social and cultural conservatives to fall in behind them on the basis of minuscule policy scraps, the projection of ‘competence’ (hollow laugh) and the fact that they are not the Labour party.

The hard truth is that Sunak’s Conservative party will “never bring down net immigration to the ‘tens of thousands’, never stop illegal immigration, never fight for the institution of the family, never expand the prison estate to accommodate everyone who deserves to reside within it, never make the best of Brexit opportunities for fear of upsetting Brussels and never properly resist the takeover of the public realm by the identitarian Left”.

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