Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 November 2023

The Posh Boys are back in charge. I’m just surprised George Osborne didn’t get the call to join Call Me Lord Dave. Couldn’t afford the pay cut, I suppose

If Call Me Dave is the answer, what was the question? Where did Rishi Sunak get the idea that recalling the former Prime Minister and making him Foreign Secretarywould be the solution to the Tory Party’s woes?

It smacks of desperation, on a par with Gordon Brown sending twice-disgraced Peter Mandelson to the Lords and restoring him to Cabinet as the last Labour government hurtled towards inevitable defeat.

Like Sunak, Gordon had no mandate from the country. And though he’d been a successful Chancellor – until the money ran out – the top job proved beyond him. Same goes for Rishi.

Struggling at home and overseas, he has brought back Call Me Dave to add his well-padded ‘bottom’ to this fag-end administration.

All it has actually served to do is underscore his own inherent weakness, which became ever more apparent after last week’s lacklustre King’s Speech.

Out of ideas, out of touch with Tory voters and rapidly running out of road, it’s difficult to see what this bizarre last throw of the dice is supposed to achieve.

Sacking Suella Braverman as Home Secretary was a surrender to the woke Whitehall Blob and the Remainer rump on the Conservative backbenches. No wonder arch-EU fanatic Michael Heseltine was crowing last night: ‘We’ve got our party back.’

Sue Ellen may have rubbed the Establishment up the wrong way but she spoke for a sizeable chunk of public opinion, especially those in Northern constituencies.

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