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‘Barclays shut our choir bank account with little warning after 40 years’: Why is it debanking small community groups?

Dozens of small organisations from parish councils to choirs and steam train enthusiasts have had their Barclays accounts closed or restricted with little warning in recent months, This is Money can reveal.

Last month, we reported on Barclays shutting a community garden organisation’s bank account, leaving them unable to access funds or make payments.

Since then, more cases have come to light, with community organisations telling This is Money of their bank accounts being similarly shut or restricted, some without any notice or explanation.

Some of these groups have banked with Barclays for more than 40 years.

Ogmore Valley Male Voice Choir found its Barclays account was closed with immediate effect and without any explanation.

The choir, which puts on free concerts for the village community in south Wales and raises money for local charities, had banked with Barclays with no issues for 40 years.

That was until one afternoon in October when the choir’s chairman received a phone call from Barclays informing him that each of its three accounts had been closed – mere hours after he had deposited funds into one account.

Barclays was unable to give him any explanation as to why it had been closed.

The choir’s chairman, Peter Morgan said: ‘We have no idea why Barclays bank has closed our accounts after having been regular customers for so long.

‘They have left us in limbo and it has put ourselves and I’m sure many others in a difficult position.

‘We don’t borrow and we have always been in credit – so why has it suddenly been closed?

‘We give quite a bit to charity, as well as performing charitable concerts to benefit local organisations’.

What’s more, the choir owns its own premises and has standing orders for energy and insurance which regularly come out of the account, leaving them worried that their supply will be cut off.

Many of its 45 choristers also pay their contributions by standing order.

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