Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 13 November 2023

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Haters and Racists on Both Sides

Flags of Israel and Palestine painted on cracked wall background/Israel – Palestinian conflict concept

Israelis are calling the large-scale terrorist attack by Hamas against Israelis on October 7, 2023 their “9/11.” Over 1,400 Israelis were killed and over 200 people were taken hostage. The Israeli military’s response has been massive, so far killing over 10,000 Palestinians, according to the Ministry of Health in Ramallah.

While the massive pro-Palestinian protests worldwide promoting peace and ending the violence are commendable, it is unfortunate that there are some people openly defending Hamas and its terror attacks on innocents in Israel.

And the violent anti-Muslim, anti-Arab attacks and anti-Jewish attacks here in the U.S. are sickening.

But the “conservative” talk radio personalities that I listen to are also sickening now in their constantly repeating of Israel First propaganda. No objectivity whatsoever with them.

After years and years of the talk radio crowd’s countering and debunking the “Trump-Russia collusions” and Covid propaganda and official narratives, you would think that the talk radio crowd would attempt to allow some non-Israel First propaganda to enter the discussion. Nope.

And as soon as the new Speaker of the House was installed, Mike Johnson, the first item on his agenda? Israel First. (Not America First. Not Freedom First. Not “Cut taxes, cut spending first.” Nope.)

Sadly, the conservatives and talk radio crowd are in lockstep with the 51st State, with emotionalistic rhetoric and ignorant commentary, not rationality.

And, no, I don’t believe there will ever be a peaceful resolution to the conflicts in Israel/Gaza, because there are haters and racists on both sides who dehumanize one another. This crap has been going on for a century in Israel, since well before the founding of the current state of Israel in 1948.

And, yes, both sides have plenty of hate and racism to be ashamed of. But we rarely hear about that on the Israeli side. As I wrote in my 2014 article on Zionism,

In Israeli society, anti-Arab racism and discrimination is rampant, whether the censors want that known or not. In a previous article I mentioned “Jim Crow” laws in Israel, and separate buses and schools for Israelis and Palestinians. A 2006 poll conducted by the Center for the Struggle Against Racism found that 68% of Jews polled in Israel would not live in the same apartment building as an Arab, 40% believed that “the state needs to support the emigration of Arab citizens,” almost half would not let an Arab in their homes, and 41% believed that entertainment venues should be segregated. In a similar 2007 poll the Center Against Racism found that more than half of the Jewish respondents believed that a marriage of a Jewish woman to an Arab man is “national treason.”

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