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The Ins and Outs of EBOO Treatments for Covid “Vaccine” Injury, Conversation with Angie Valdivieso NP Arizona

I had a pleasant and very informative conversation with Angie who ran a clinic in Scottsdale, AZ and together with a medical doctor taught providers how to do EBOO treatments. She has since become a distributor for the TrigenO3 machines.  She is an expert in this treatment and spoke about all the ins and outs of how to do them, what they are good for and things to watch out for.

EBOO is done by applying a catheter and tubing in each arm. From one arm, blood is drawn out into the machine which then runs it through a dialysis filter and thereafter adds oxygen and ozone before it is infused back into the body through the other arm. A typical treatment takes around 50 minutes and can clear 3 Liters (about 3.3 quarts) of blood of any unwanted particles. I and some providers I spoke to suspect that these also include spike protein, most likely Graphene and Hydrogels. It also removes parasites, bacteria, Lyme, mold and other fungi. It squeezes the extracellular fluids which helps take out inflammatory cytokines which is why it’s a good treatment for chronic inflammation and pain syndromes due to inflammation. The ozone also strengthens the immune system.

There are a few contraindications to doing an EBOO treatment. These are an allergy to ozone (which I have never seen in my practice), allergy to Heparin in which case an alternative can be used. Low red blood cell and platelet count are contraindications as ozone can reduce these further. The body needs some time to make new red blood cells and platelets and then treatment can commence. Anticoagulant medications are also a contraindication for EBOO and infusions in general due to the increased risk of bleeding.

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