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State Dept. Asked Why It’s ‘Genocide’ When Russia Kills Civilians But Not When It’s Israel

A Biden administration State Department spokesperson accused The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal of asking an “inappropriate” question on Tuesday when the reporter pointed out the Democrats’ hypocritical stance on genocide.

Blumenthal asked why Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have both accused Russia of engaging in genocide by killing Ukrainian civilians while providing military aid to Israel which has killed more civilians in one month than Russia has in its two-year “special military operation.”


The journalist also asked why the U.S. labeled China’s mistreatment of its Uyghur Muslim population as genocide without claiming the Chinese were killing or forcibly transferring the group.

After laying out evidence top Israeli government officials want to commit genocide against Palestinians, Blumenthal asked the State Dept. spokesperson, “What metric are you using to determine genocide, or is this just political rhetoric?”

In response, the spokesman said the administration is not using political rhetoric and claimed they have a “rigorous” process to determine what constitutes genocide.

The Biden official then blamed Hamas’ horrible paraglider attack for Israel’s decision to carpet-bomb Gaza.

Blumenthal pressed the spokesman, saying, “President Biden has accused the Russian government of genocide for its actions in Ukraine, where in two years it has killed as many civilians as Israel has killed in one month in the Gaza Strip. So how do you account for that disparity in assisting one country and accusing the other of genocide, when the country you are assisting has systematically killed so many more people in one month?”

The stuttering State Department mouthpiece answered, “Those circumstances are totally and completely not the same. To make a comparison like that, candidly, is incredibly inappropriate.”

The whole encounter was even more alarming considering many of the reports claiming Russia killed Ukrainian citizens were actually instances where the Ukrainian Armed Forces killed citizens in pro-Russia areas of Eastern Ukraine.

So, technically the U.S. is funding the genocide of both Palestinians and citizens living in Ukraine’s Donbas region.

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