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MobileAppDaily has Announced the List of Top Software Development Companies in the UK

The best software development companies in UK have a high rating as they build bespoke software solutions for businesses. As per Statista, the software market is projected to reach a whopping USD 659 billion in 2023 and is predicted to increase to USD 858.10 billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 5.42%.

This is the right time for businesses to tap into the power of AI solutions and get ahead of their competitors. Utilize this list of top software companies as we dive into the details of the development companies presently dominating the UK business market. 

The Ultimate List of the Best Software Development Companies in the UK 

Here is a carefully curated list of the top 10 software companies in the UK, providing solutions to boost your business: 

  1. Appinventiv

One of the largest IT companies providing custom software development services to top-tier businesses, Appinventiv helps enterprises boost their digital identity. With a power-packed team of over 1,500 personnel, the firm contributes to the industry’s best software solutions. 

Appinventiv was founded in 2015 with just 10 employees and a solid mission and vision in mind. Their expertise lies in designing and building complex enterprise systems, AI and ML solutions, IoT apps, and intuitive user experiences. They have delivered over 1000 projects across healthcare, fintech, e-commerce, and other industries. Appinventiv stands out for its innovation, quality work, and stellar client satisfaction. 

      2. Fingent 

With over 500 employees specializing in cutting-edge web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, custom software development, QA, and testing, Fingent is a leading digital solutions company initially founded in 2003.  

Operating over 14 countries, they are rated a solid 4.9/5 by their customer base. With almost 2 decades of experience, they provide full-cycle product development services and solutions tailored to client business needs. If you are looking for advanced AI/ML solutions, AR/VR/MR development, and robotic automation, Fingent is the right choice.  

      3. Experion Technologies

Experion Global Technologies, founded in 2006, is a ‘Global Product Engineering Services’ firm offering future-ready digital solutions. With expertise across the latest technologies, they craft exceptional products and drive revenue growth for Fortune 500 clients globally.  

As a Great Place to Work certified company, Experion has 1500+ experts driving innovation across the healthcare, retail, and finance sectors. Their specialties are product engineering, UI UX, Platform, Cloud, and Embedded engineering. 

       4. Xebia 

Xebia came into existence in 2001 and is a software engineering and IT consultancy pioneer. With a growing team of over 1600+ experts across the globe, Xebia provides services in DevOps, Cloud, AI/ML, Data, Security, and other emerging technologies. They help optimize, future-proof, and transform business systems and workflows.  

Their industry know-how and worldwide presence empower organizations to stay ahead and thrive in an increasingly digital business landscape. As a trusted transformation partner, Xebia enables enterprises to unlock their full digital potential. 

     5. Rootquotient 

Rootquotient is one of the leading product engineering companies with offices in Canada, the UK, and India. With 150+ experts focused on excellence, they leverage the latest technologies to build solutions optimized for scalability and growth. 

Their core focus is to create digital solutions for clients tailored to their needs, leveraging their web, mobile, data, and cloud expertise. They have completed more than 75 projects and possess a stellar clientele. 

     6. QBurst 

QBurst, founded in 2006, is a leading software solutions provider specializing in cutting-edge web, mobile, and full-stack application development services. With a 500+ strong team of technology experts, QBurst crafts tailored solutions that leverage the latest tools and technologies to help diverse clients across industry verticals meet their strategic business goals. 

The company offers end-to-end development capabilities across the design, architecture, development, testing, and maintenance sectors in the product lifecycle. Their expertise covers web, mobile, cloud, blockchain, data science, DevOps, and more. QBurst delivers excellence through a user-centric design approach, robust engineering, and quality-focused delivery models. 

      7. DataArt 

Businesses can rely on DataArt for evolving technology solutions. They can help build, deploy, and scale complex software systems and applications for enterprises worldwide.  

After its emergence in 1997, it has become a 5000+ strong team of highly skilled professionals across the globe. DataArt brings over two decades of experience designing, developing, and implementing transformative digital products. Their expertise spans designing microservices architecture, CI/CD, cloud engineering, data analytics, machine learning, IoT, and more. 

     8. HCL Technologies 

HCL Technologies, founded in 1991, is a leading global IT services company crafting next-generation software engineering and digital transformation for global enterprises. With over 175,000 professionals in 50 countries, HCL provides a full spectrum of high-quality IT and business services. Their expertise spans cloud, digital, and cybersecurity solutions, infrastructure, and engineering services. 

HCL’s diverse industry expertise and culture of ideapreneurship enables them to become technology partners rather than just vendors. 

     9. SoftTeco 

SoftTeco delivers specialized web and mobile application development services tailored for startups and small businesses across the UK. Their robust expert team effectively translates business requirements into market-ready web and mobile applications.  

Their expertise spans custom web development using the latest frontend stacks, cross-platform mobile app development, eCommerce solutions, payment integrations, API development, and more. Their user-centric design approach and solid engineering skills enable them to build intuitive digital solutions that help businesses boost their online presence. 

     10.  Impero IT Services 

Impero is true to their name, meaning ‘Kingdom.’ Their kingdom comprises over 200 tech experts providing end-to-end business solutions. It has been a trusted technology partner for UK enterprises since 2005.  

They provide cloud strategies, building robust enterprise applications across diverse industry verticals leveraging cloud, data analytics, emerging tech, and more. Their development approach focuses on flexibility, security, and scalability to future-proof solutions. Their hands-on approach, technical expertise, and over 15 years of experience make them a reliable partner for UK firms looking to harness technology innovation. 

Final Thoughts 

The UK has become a thriving hub for global IT and software development companies catering to businesses. As showcased in this blog, the best software development companies in UK bring their deep expertise to the table. 

Their solutions spur innovation, optimize processes, and boost productivity for enterprises. With the demand for high-quality custom software development services rising, these companies will continue to propel enterprises to new heights.  


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