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How User Experience Impacts SaaS Product Adoption and Retention?

As per the report of HubSpot, approximately 88% of users don’t go back to a SaaS product with a poor user experience (UX).


Businesses need a SaaS product development that transforms their complex business processes into a smoothly functioning business model.


The SaaS product-based business model relies on value, advocacy and retention. This means that providing value to users can help them stay loyal to the company for a long time. They feel connected to the SaaS brand and build a fruitful, long-term relationship with it.


Product adoption ensures that customers not only visit the website, but instead of looking for alternative solutions, they make a purchase.

What are SaaS Product Adoption and Retention?

SaaS product adoption is a customer journey from the initial phase to adoption of a product. This ensures that the customer tests and eventually invests in the software.


This process is divided into three steps,


  • Initial phase
  • Onboarding phase
  • Product integration


SaaS product retention, on the other hand, is about keeping customers for a longer period of time. If the customer is satisfied with the software, they will stay with you for a long period of time.


High product adoption rate means that your product solves the customer’s problem and meets their criteria. On the other hand, a high customer retention rate is an indicator that your customers are very satisfied with your SaaS product. It also leads to recurring revenue and high customer lifetime value.

How to Improve User Experience For Better SaaS Product Adoption And Retention

Imagine you ordered a pizza and the delivery man brought a pizza that is not packaged well and does not sound like what you ordered.


What do you do then? Will you order again from the same company? Obviously not! Because of the poor service. The same is true for any other company. The best SaaS UX design is crucial for the growth of any business. That being said, user experience (UX) plays a huge role in adoption and retention of a SaaS product.


So let us dive deeper to understand the impact of user experience on SaaS product adoption and retention.

Product performance

Users or customers are always looking for a product that works fast. Because no one likes slow loading software. This frustrates users and reduces the likelihood that the product will be adopted and kept.

Simplicity of use

This world is full of complexity. Customers need SaaS products that are simple and easy to use. So they can get their work done effortlessly. A complex interface can discourage your customers from adopting a SaaS product.

Contextual information

Users feel overwhelmed when they find useless and unfounded information. This type of user experience (UX) can further reduce their interest and motivation to invest in SaaS products.

Providing value

A SaaS product must be value-driven. It must understand users’ workflows and help them manage them more effectively. If the SaaS product design is able to solve all the problems of the users. They will find more value in the product and hence adopt it quickly.


Effective communication and comprehensive support are key to getting users to adopt and commit to the product. Your users are not only looking for a SaaS product, but also for the brand that offers the best support.

Continuous improvement

Users are looking for a SaaS product that is continuously improved based on their feedback and requirements.


User experience (UX) is the direct factor affecting adoption and retention rates. To achieve a higher adoption and retention rate, you must,


  • Segment your users and understand their requirements.
  • Show them how quickly and easily they can manage their workflows with SaaS products.
  • You need to provide them with useful and contextual information that will help them achieve their desired goals.
  • Read all feedback carefully and implement changes based on user feedback.
  • Users are looking for a brand that cares about them and provides the best support system.


By improving the above factors, any SaaS product development company can increase the adoption rate of their SaaS product and retain their users for a long time.


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