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Why Are Online Banking Services Suddenly Being Disrupted On A Massive Scale All Over The United States?

Should we be concerned about all of the problems that are suddenly erupting at our banks?  U.S. banks have been shutting down hundreds of branches, they have been laying off thousands of workers, and as I discussed yesterday vast numbers of customer accounts are being unceremoniously shut down without any warning whatsoever.  If all of that wasn’t bad enough, now endless “glitches” are plaguing our banking system.  For example, the glitch that caused paychecks not to be deposited at many banks on Friday still has not been fully resolved

Customers at major U.S. banks including Bank of America and Wells Fargo complained about delays with their direct deposits on Monday, following a glitch with processing payments that began Friday.

The Federal Reserve on Friday said the problem wasn’t related to a cybersecurity issue and that it had been resolved.  But customers on Monday continued to report delays with direct deposits, reaching out to their banks on social media to report that their paychecks hadn’t landed in their accounts as expected.

Wells Fargo and Bank of America referred questions to The Clearing House, a payments company that operates the only private-sector automated clearing house (ACH) system in the U.S.

I have never seen a problem with direct deposits that is so widespread.

The Clearing House is promising to have things fixed “as quickly as possible”, but that could mean just about anything…

The Clearing House, the private operator of ACH, told CNN on Monday it is working with banks and the Federal Reserve to “resolve this issue as quickly as possible.”

“Many of the delayed payments have already posted, and we will continue working with financial institutions to ensure the remaining transactions are processed,” The Clearing House spokesperson Greg MacSweeney said in an email.

An industry source confirmed to CNN on Monday that it’s likely some customers haven’t received their deposits yet. The source stressed that banks are at the mercy of the originating bank to resend payment files.

Meanwhile, online banking services are suddenly being disrupted all over the country on a massive scale.  Steve Quayle was reporting this on his website, and this prompted me to go to to check it out for myself.

And I discovered that all of the big banks were experiencing unusual outages on Monday.

The following is a screenshot of Chase outages…

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