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Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav, Now Put on”Wanted“ list by German Prosecutors for Speaking the Truth.

15 month after delivering a powerful speech condemning medical experimentation without informed consent and warning of a resurgence of totalitarianism and genocidal policies. Holocaust survivor, Vera Sharav was reported to the police for alleged “trivialisation of the Holocaust,”and while prosecutors suspend investigation for the time being, – has been put on the “wanted” list for questioning, essentially making her a suspect, according to UWE ALSCHNER

Who is Vera Sharav?

An article in Stat News has given an understanding of Vera Sharav.

Sharav had been born Vera Roll in Romania just a few years before a fascist government allied with Nazi Germany took over the country. In 1941, some 145,000 Romanian and Hungarian Jews — including her family — were deported to an area known as Transnistria along the Ukraine border. It became one of the war’s most horrific killing fields, where as many as 250,000 Jews were slaughtered, or died of disease or starvation. (Source)

The Rolls were sent to the town of Mogilev, which the Romanians and Nazis had turned into a concentration camp. Vera’s father died within weeks of their arrival, probably of typhus. Vera said “Everywhere you went, you saw people at their end, begging for [food], and no one had anything to give them,” her mother, Mary Roll, recalled in an oral history interview taped in 1984 for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. “Every morning, they would bring out … loads of corpses, frozen to death, loaded like wood on these carts and transported to mass graves.”

By 1944, Germany was in retreat — and the situation in the camp was desperate. “I couldn’t get a piece of bread and [Vera] would cry so bitterly. Days and days, nothing in her mouth,” Roll said.(Source)

When an international effort was mounted to save Jewish orphans, her mother arranged for young Vera to go — alone, and over Vera’s tearful objections. After a harrowing journey out of the camp, Vera made her way to a town on the Black Sea, where a three-boat flotilla was to sail to Istanbul. Vera was supposed to join a group of 61 children on a small merchant ship, the Mefkure. But she insisted on going on another boat with three adults who’d taken care of her on the train.

“Everybody was on the boats and I was sitting there crying,” she told STAT. “I didn’t want to go on that boat. Nothing would move me.” The Mefkure finally departed without Sharav. Two days later, on Aug. 4, 1944, it was strafed by cannon and machine-gun fire and sank. All but five of the 320 refugees on board were killed.

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