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Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale’s ‘manifesto’ leaked: Trans murderer vowed to kill ‘privileged white kids’ at Covenant School

A manifesto believed to have been written by trans Nashville Catholic school shooter Audrey Hale has become public and reveals her intention to kill ‘white privileged’ kids before being shot dead by police.

The manifesto has been shrouded in secrecy since the shooting on March 27 this year. Nashville PD is yet to release it despite multiple media requests, and the issue is now the subject of a lawsuit.

On Monday, controversial podcast host Steven Crowder published photographs of three pages of it, which he says his reporters obtained from a detective at the scene.

Police sources told Fox 17 that the documents were authentic, and Freddie O’Connell, the new mayor of Nashville, said he is ‘concerned’, and asked the city’s top attorney to launch an investigation into the leaked photos. Hale’s parents said they had not seen them before, and did not know if they were real.

They purport to show Hale’s plan for the day that began with breakfast at home, included lunch, and a 10-minute ‘final video’ which has not yet been made public.

Hale was concerned about how long the rampage would last, but wanted to annihilate what she described as ‘cr****s’ and f****ts’ before being killed herself.

She was furious about she believed were ‘white privileged’ kids at ‘fancy private schools’, despite previously attending the same school herself.

Firearms advocates and police unions wanted Hale’s manifesto released, but the school and parents of the victims argued the writings should not be released to avoid potential copycats, and to allow for closure.

David Raybin, who is representing Hale’s parents, said they have not seen the documents before.

He added that it would be inappropriate to offer comment on the photos, given the pending lawsuit.

Metro Nashville Police Department said they have launched an inquiry.

‘The MNPD is in communication with the Metropolitan Department of Law as an investigation, begun this morning, continues into the dissemination of three photographs of writings during an on-line discussion about Covenant School.

‘The photographs are not MNPD crime scene images.

‘The police department has been in contact with a representative of Covenant families. Police department counselors are available to assist them in coping with the emotional trauma caused by the dissemination.’

In an entry on the day of the attack, titled Death Day, Hale wrote: ‘Today is the day. The day has finally come. I can’t believe it’s here. Don’t know how I was able to get this far but here I am.

‘I’m a little nervous but excited too, been excited for the past two weeks.’

Worryingly, she said there were ‘several times’ she ‘could have been caught.’

‘None of that matters now. I’m almost an hour and 7 minutes away. Can’t believe I’m doing this but I’m ready… I hope my victims aren’t.

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