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The Story of Andria in Utah Injured by the Covid “Vaccine“

In this article I want to introduce Andria in Utah. She has been severely injured by the Covid “vaccine”. She’s unable to work, live a normal life and been in and out of emergency rooms. She urgently needs treatments to help restore her ability to work and live a normal life. Unfortunately no insurance covers these treatments and her income barely pays for rent and food. I let her tell her story in her own words:

“I worked at a Student Health Center in the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

The whole scare of COVID was in full force at the health clinic. Did I have Covid and didn’t know it, was I exposed to shedding? Who knows! All I know is that bizarre symptoms started happening like heart palpitations and I felt like something attacked my brain. 

And then I got the Moderna vaccine and I became severely sick.  I was out for five to six days from work. I remember calling my boss and asking her if we were going to die. Six of us were out from being sick from the shots. When I returned to work, my arm upper arm from the injection was so hot and swollen, and it was recommended that I see one of the Doctors at work. A nurse even circled my upper arm at the injection site with a marker to make sure the redness and swelling didn’t go down my arm. 

I was the girl that could help so many patients, and was the type of worker that could do it all. I was great at scheduling, and could kick through the patient portal and get the schedule just perfect for all the medical Doctors. I trained employees and was good at my job. I loved my job.

In March, April of 2021 or so, I started having to hang onto walls and counters when talking to people. My brain was so off and I was so dizzy all the time. I started getting ringing in my ears, different kind of chest pains, and just incredible weird fatigue, almost like a severe weakness. I just felt so sick and still I didn’t know what was wrong yet, and no one questioned the vaccine. I remember being home and couldn’t even answer the door as I was so sick and dizzy. I couldn’t even drive without weird episodes that would come over my body. My hands were even vibrating, my upper chest would vibrate as well. I couldn’t even clean like I normally could, as I got so pale and felt like passing out. I was so incredibly tired, but it was a different tired than I ever felt before.

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