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In Woke Mathematics There is No Wrong Answer

Maths has traditionally been one of the most difficult areas of the curriculum: no matter how hard they try, some kids just don’t get it. In consequence, any number of innovative compensatory strategies have been employed by educators down the years, from playing fun number-games with toddlers to letting teens use calculators – and, now, even trying to facilitate inter-species communication with numerate cauliflowers in the classroom.

This unique method is today recommended by Rochelle Gutiérrez, a leading U.S. Professor of Education at the University of Illinois, who has helped write official guidelines and standards for the training of America’s future maths teachers. Despite having no actual qualifications in maths – her degree is in biology, which is even more frightening when you consider her opinions about sentient vegetables – Gutiérrez has still found fame as the inventor of a new sub-field of the discipline named mathematx (pronounced ‘math-e-ma-tesh’).

This is a new, even more extreme form of so-called ‘Ethnomathematics’, a politically motivated non-subject which pushes the identitarian lie that children of different races possess innately different ‘mathematics identities’ to such a degree that it is actually possible for white kids and black kids to legitimately end up calculating different answers to the precise same sums, as their brains and souls are wired so differently from one another, numerically-speaking.

Gutiérrez herself goes even further than this, though, hoping to, as one sceptical 2018 American headline put it, use her concept of mathematx to “fix pro-human bias in math” – even to the extent of getting plant-life involved.

Cabbage Learns From Cauliflower

Gutiérrez lays out her curious ideas about Brassica oleracea var. botrytis, the Romanesco cauliflower, in a 2017 plenary paper published online by the actual U.S. Department of Education, named ‘Living Mathematx: Towards a Vision for the Future’ – and what a vision it is, too!

The Romanesco cauliflower enjoys a distinctive and striking fractal leaf-structure, so could actually be used as a valid classroom teaching-aid, illustrating things like Mandelbrot Sets and Fibonacci Sequences. Yet, in her native wisdom, Mx Gutiérrez does so much more. Rochelle ostentatiously self-identifies as ‘Latinx’, thus lending her an indigenous background of some kind, perhaps being part-descended from the original South American Indians who populated the New World prior to Spanish colonisation.

Gutiérrez clearly views Latinx people as being inherently in touch with the forces of Nature around them – or “other-than-human-persons”, as she prefers to call them. Apparently, “Indigenous knowledges recognise that we are part of a system of intelligent and sentient beings, also known as persons, with interconnected spirits, including rocks and bodies of water. Plants, for example, have lived on this planet for millions of years before humans … [and are] our older brothers/sisters.”

In order to “decentre the field’s overreliance on Whitestream views”, Gutiérrez seeks to both “reconceptualise what counts as mathematics in the first place” and also who gets to be a mathematician at all. The classic idea of a human being sitting down and performing calculations is just a white, Western stereotype – indeed, it is just an anthropocentric human stereotype, which must perforce be dismantled.

“On many levels, mathematics [as opposed to mathematx] operates as whiteness,” she infamously opined back in 2017. As mathematics therefore necessarily becomes redefined as mathematx in the name of decolonising the racist old curriculum, we also have the opportunity to redefine the mathematxn too – as our esteemed “older brother/sister” the cauliflower, for example.

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