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DC Mayor Implements ‘Big Brother’ Digital Vehicle Tracking Program Amid Rising Car Thefts

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) unveiled a new taxpayer-funded program that uses digital tracking tags to find stolen cars more easily. This comes as Bowser’s failed progressive ‘defund the police’ policies have sparked a crime tsunami across the nation’s capital.

On Wednesday morning, Bowser’s office stated that tracking tags will be available to residents who live in areas with the “greatest increase in vehicle theft.” MPD will install the device in vehicles, allowing them to track stolen cars via a mobile device easily.

This year, the nation’s capital has recorded a surge in violent crimes: MPD crime stats show vehicle thefts have soared 101% this year, with a total of 5,916 in 2023. This is up from the 2,942 car thefts in 2022. Also, homicides hit the highest level in two decades in the first six months. Not even government officials are safe: Several lawmakers and staffers have been robbed.

Last week, Bowser introduced a new crime bill to finally enforce ‘law and order.’

“Last week, we introduced legislation to address recent crime trends; this week, we are equipping residents with technology that will allow MPD to address these crimes, recover vehicles, and hold people accountable,” the mayor said.

Bowser continued, “We have had success with similar programs where we make it easier for the community and MPD to work together – from our Private Security Camera Incentive Program to the wheel lock distribution program – and we will continue to use all the tools we have, and add new tools, to keep our city safe.”

It’s not just Bowser. Democrat Mayor London Breed of San Francisco has also been forced to U-turn on her failed progressive policies amid a citywide crime wave.

Despite the chaos, Democrats take zero responsibility for the mess they have created across major metro areas.

On Tuesday, Elon Musk on Joe Rogan’s podcast revealed who is funding these progressive politicians…

We hate to break it to Bowser that some ‘Big Brother’ spy program won’t solve out-of-control car thefts.


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