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Automotive Specialty Paint Finishes: Explore Specialty Paint Finishes for Your Car

Customized details help vehicles reflect their owners’ personalities. You can personalize your vehicle in many ways, but one of the most creative ways is through paint. Today’s advanced automotive paint finishes give you multiple options to take your car from blah to beautiful. 


Pearl finishes give vehicles an elegant yet exotic appearance. With this paint finish, your vehicle will seem to change color in different light and from various angles. Pearl paint is a mixture of dyes, pigments, and specialized pearlescent particles. Pearl finishes offer other benefits in addition to a striking appearance, including:

  • They last for a long time.
  • They resist scratches.
  • They hold up well under UV rays.

Pearl finishes are not the same as metallic paints, which do not appear to change color. You can now purchase car spray paint that gives your vehicle a pearl finish. 


Matte automotive paint is a head-turning finish for your vehicle that sets it apart. This finish is elegant and a bit mysterious, especially if you choose a dark color such as black, navy, or forest green. There are advantages and disadvantages of this particular finish. Advantages include:

  • Matte finishes hide minor flaws. 
  • Matte car paint may increase your vehicle’s resale value.
  • Matte finishes dissipate heat well, which helps your vehicle stay cooler. 

Some disadvantages include:

  • Matte paint is difficult to keep clean, and it attracts marks. 
  • You cannot use polish or compound on a matte finish. 
  • Maintaining a matte finish requires specialized products such as soft specialty cloths and even a hair dryer. 

Matte finishes give cars a unique look. Even with particular maintenance needs, this type of paint is a good choice if you want your vehicle to have elegant flair. 

Candy Finishes

If you like bright colors, candy car finishes might be for you. Candy paint uses a metallic finish covered with a topcoat so that it shimmers. Although blazingly fun, these finishes might not be for everyone. Candy paint offers distinct benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits include:

  • Candy finishes tend to hide small scratches and dents well. 
  • Your candy car will be easy to find in a parking lot. 
  • Candy paint finishes help keep cars cooler in hot weather. 

Drawbacks include:

  • Candy painted vehicles might be more difficult to sell. 
  • Your bright candy vehicle may be more prone to attacks from thieves and vandals. 
  • Bright, candy-colored vehicles attract all eyes, including those of police officers, who may quickly notice instances of speeding or other ticketable offenses. 

Before you choose a candy finish, check that the car body is in good condition. Use a dent puller to provide a smooth surface.

Enhance the Appearance of Vehicles

Specialized paint finishes need maintained surfaces in order to adhere properly and look their best.  If you are a DIY car enthusiast, you can do much of the prep work yourself. For example, learn how to use a dent puller if necessary. Doing some tasks yourself can reduce your expense, especially if you want elaborate designs in addition to unusual finishes. 

Choosing a specialized paint finish is about more than aesthetics. This particular customization displays aspects of your personality to the world. Choose thoughtfully, with help from knowledgeable automotive specialists, and then enjoy your ride. 






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