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Little boy in short trousers playing his video game with other people’s lives: Netanyahu promises ‘victory’ against Hamas despite IDF’s ‘painful losses’ since entering Gaza

Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to deliver victory against Hamas despite the IDF’s ‘painful losses’ since entering Gaza, after 11 soldiers were killed on Tuesday.

‘We have so many important achievements, but also painful losses. We know that every soldier of ours is an entire world,’ the Israeli Prime Minister said in a televised address after the army confirmed the troops were killed in ground fighting.

‘We will continue until victory.’

His comments came after Israel’s air force chief accused Hamas of using civilians as part of its war against the Jewish state, following the IDF’s admission that it carried out an airstrike on a refugee camp that killed more than 50 people.

In the wake of the strike that has further stoked anger at the Israeli military’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip, Brigadier General Eyal Greenbaum insisted every target in the territory was being assessed in advance to minimise civilian losses.

A large explosion ripped through the densely packed Jabalia camp before nightfall, tearing facades off nearby buildings and leaving a deep, debris-littered crater.

Wails filled the air as hundreds of bystanders and volunteers clawed at concrete blocks and twisted metal looking for survivors.

The IDF says the strike killed a Hamas commander involved in the October 7 attacks that killed 1,400 in Israel, while reports on the ground say it killed at least 50 people and that the death toll will continue to rise.

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