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Welsh government lunatics to redefine ‘women’. If you want to see Starmer’s Britain tomorrow look at the Welsh government today. Sunak is appalling, but my god look what’s coming

The Welsh Government is to redefine women to include self-identifying transgender ‘women’ under planned new laws. The Telegraph has more.

The proposal was revealed on Sunday in a leaked draft of its Gender Quotas Bill which proposes that half the candidates in any list to be members of the Senedd must be women.

For the purposes of the proposed legislation this includes transgender women, the report stated

The definition further stated that transgender meant “a person who is proposing to undergo, is undergoing or has undergone a process (or part of a process) for the purpose of reassigning [their] sex to female by changing physiological or other attributes of sex”.

It also stated that a constituency returning officer could not challenge or make any inquiry in relation to a statement made by a candidate.

David TC Davies, the Welsh Secretary, told the Telegraph he had “grave concerns” about the report and was meeting members of various groups to discuss the proposals.

“One of my greatest fears is that the plan will have a detrimental impact on women’s rights across our country. Those rights have been hard fought for and I fear could now be undermined by the Labour-run Welsh Government’s ill-thought policy,” he said.

Of course, scarcely less objectionable than the gender self-ID element is the proposal itself, which is pure positive discrimination that disadvantages men by patronising women. After 13 years, why have the Conservatives failed to outlaw this kind of Leftist identitarian nonsense? Do they believe in freedom, meritocracy and equal opportunity, or do they believe in woke social engineering?

Cathy Larkman, Welsh co-ordinator of the Women’s Rights Network, said the proposal “undermines the rights of half of the population of Wales”. She means because self-ID allows men to muscle in on women’s spaces. But in this instance it could equally apply to the rights of men, who are to be henceforth discriminated against in every Senedd election, because fairness or something.

A Welsh Government spokesman said its “proposed model for quotas is designed to maximise the chances of achieving a Senedd comprised of at least 50% women”. This rather gives the game away: “at least” 50% women. They’d be very happy for men to be ‘under-represented’, naturally. Down with the oppressors!

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