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Conversation with a Nurse Practitioner about Treating the ‘Vaccine’ Injured

I spoke to an experienced nurse practitioner in New York State who has been treating several “vaccine” injured patients with various issues such as cardiovascular problems and brain fog. She uses the following modalities to get them better:

To remove the cause of the damage such as spike proteins, toxic metals and other ingredients she employs:

– EDTA Chelation infusions to bind toxic metals and eliminate them through the kidneys. I have detailed this treatment in some of my other Substacks.

– EBOO (Extracorporal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation) I wrote about in prior articles. It not only oxygenates and ozonates the blood but it runs it through a dialysis filter to filter out spike proteins, and possibly Graphene and Hydrogels.

– Hyperbaric treatments to increase blood oxygenation required for tissue healing

– A peptide spray called Nemorex that binds spike protein and also enhances the immune function.

– Lumbrokinase instead of Nattokinase at it’s the better product to bind and dissolve spike proteins. Lumbrokinase is not made from soy and therefore is better for people with soy allergy as Nattokinase is made from fermented soy.

She uses various supplements to treat the damage caused by the shots. These depend on the affected organ system and nature of damage. For example, to treat heart issues she uses Strophanthus among other things.

She does before and after treatment live blood dark field microscopy and sees a big difference the treatments make. Most of her patients get better but not all are restored to the prior state of health they had before being damaged by the shot. What definitely improves in all of the patients are issues with brain fog.

She wants to remain under the radar as practitioners exposing themselves as doing successful treatments for the “vaccine” injured may encounter problems with the medical and licensing boards.

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