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Morton A Klein on Robert Kennedy ‘I am proud to call him my friend as well as a great Zionist’

Morton A. Klein released the following statement:

I know Bobby Kennedy, Jr., Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is a friend of mine; he is no antisemite, he is a philo-Semite. I know that he loves, respects and admires the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel, as did his father and his uncle President John Kennedy, who was the keynote speaker at the national Zionist Organization of America ZOA Convention in Israel in 1961.

I neither endorse nor oppose any candidates for public office, but I am honored that he has asked me, an ardent Zionist, to be an advisor on Jewish and Israeli issues.

His recent statements have been wrongly misinterpreted to falsely claim hostility to Jews. This has caused Bobby much pain. As someone who worked with two-time Nobel laureate and Cal Tech/Stanford Prof. Linus Pauling, as well as having a background in biostatistics, I can tell you that Bobby non-malevolently cited a published NIH funded study that suggested that docking features of the COVID-19 virus gave certain ethnicities heightened resistance to infection including Finns, Chinese, and Ashkenazi Jews. Kennedy acknowledges that those lab studies were meaningless, as these groups proved equally vulnerable to COVID-19 in real life. Kennedy told me that he regrets ever discussing the study because “I should have known that its mere mention could be distorted by malicious people to feed some blood libel.”

People in this field, as I have been, know that results of lab – or even animal – studies of genetic mutations should never ever be accepted as necessarily applicable to humans without having done actual human studies. The scientific literature is full of lab and animal studies which never translate into similar effects on human beings. Furthermore, large numbers of Ashkenazi Jews did suffer from the COVID virus, as Kennedy pointed out.

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