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Winter Death Toll Worst in 30 Years in 2022/23, Reports the BBC. What, Worse Than in the ‘Pandemic’? Mmm … what was rolled out in 2021/22/23? Er, I forget

The main news headline on the BBC Scotland pages on October 24th 2023 was: ‘Winter death toll worst in more than 30 years.‘ This refers to last winter, 2022-23. This is nearly three years after the ‘once in a century’ pandemic and two years after the population was jabbed to ‘end’ said pandemic.

There you go, high excess deaths are worthy of comment! So much stranger then, that the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media maintained radio silence following Andrew Bridgen’s speech to an empty House of Commons, just four days earlier on October 20th.

Let’s just look at the Scottish numbers (available here). They cover the winter period, December to March, the period of the year with the highest level of deaths.

In 2018-19 there were 20,188 registered deaths in Scotland between December and March. In 2022-23 the provisional figure is 24,427, an increase of 21%. 2018-19 seems like a pretty good comparator because it’s the last year before there was any chance of Covid skewing the data. Whilst there were no recorded Covid deaths in the winter of 2019-20 there has since been plenty of speculation that Covid was around. But, if you prefer, let’s compare this winter to 2019-20, well, it’s still a whacking 14.2% higher.

The odd thing is that the winter of 2022-23 was remarkably benign from an infectious disease point of view: no big flu outbreaks, no Covid waves, no nothing. Perhaps even more remarkably, with the exception of the high flu deaths year of 2014-15, the year on year increase from 2021-22 to 2022-23 was the largest in over 20 years.

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