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Dr. Ahmad Malik seeks legal action: “If there is no freedom of speech, there can be no patient safety”

In December 2022, Dr. Malik posted a video on Twitter that went viral. It raised the issue of significant adverse events from the experimental injections, that safety concerns were being covered up and asked for a suspension of the “vaccines” so that an investigation could be conducted to find out what was happening.

To his surprise, two executive doctors from two large private hospital groups contacted him and demanded that he withdraw his video and stop posting on the subject. He challenged them both but they did not respond.

An anonymous member of the public made a complaint that he was an “anti-vaxxer” and Dr. Malik was called in by his clinical director to answer the complaint.

In June he was presented with emails objecting to him expressing his belief that no matter how someone wishes to identify, biological sex is immutable and that children should not be undergoing medical procedures because they wish to identify as the opposite sex. He was required to attend another meeting to discuss these statements.

On 21 September 2023, he was told that his practising privileges were suspended with immediate effect. It was claimed he had breached the practising privileges policy by not notifying them he had been referred to General Medical Council (“GMC”). He had no idea he had been referred to the GMC.

The GMC referral petered out but he remained suspended.

As result of the suspension, has lost most of his work and income, and with each passing day that the suspension continues his reputation is being damaged and his professional practice diminishes. He has been left with no choice but to seek legal advice and, because of the time limits involved, start proceedings.

“This is not only to protect my reputation and livelihood but to stand up for the beliefs and principles that guide my life,” he said.

This is not about protecting the public from a rogue doctor, it is about censoring, bullying, and punishing a doctor willing to express his beliefs and concerns, to speak out about patient safety issues. and dare to question promoted narratives whether that be safety of vaccines, or of children questioning their sexual identity.

It feels like I am being punished for my beliefs and being made an example of. The end result is that no other doctor will dare lift their head above the parapet, even if it is for their patients’ safety.

What is fundamentally at stake is patient safety and freedom of speech.

If there is no freedom of speech, without threat of censure and repercussions, there can be no patient safety.

Support Doc Malik’s Right To Medical Free Speech
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