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Start A White-Label Business With BotSailor

Numerous globally recognized businesses provide products that might not be as original as they seem to be. 

The true creators of the products associated with these brands are other companies that produce the same goods under different brand names. 

This commercial strategy, widely recognized as White Labeling, is applied across a broad spectrum of consumer product categories. 

This approach promotes efficiency and cost-effectiveness by letting specialist manufacturers handle the production component, allowing firms to concentrate on their branding, marketing, and distribution initiatives. 

The same goes for the software industry. Many big companies built their businesses based on software or programs that were not originally developed by them. 

By re-selling with specialized software developers, these companies were able to focus on enhancing the user experience, expanding their customer base, and providing excellent customer support. 

This collaborative approach also allows for continuous innovation and updates, ensuring that the software remains competitive in a rapidly evolving market. 

One such company that is providing this white-label software is BotSailor

BotSailor The All In One Tool 

BotSailor is a white-label software solution for AI chatbots and a wide range of marketing tools, all-in-one platform for WhatsApp and Telegram, that can be customized to meet the specific needs of businesses in various industries. 

With their expertise in software development, companies can rely on BotSailor to deliver high-quality and reliable software products that align with their brand identity. This partnership enables businesses to save time and resources while still offering cutting-edge technology to their customers. 

BotSailor is a tool designed to improve customer interactions for B2B businesses. It offers a user-friendly Visual Drag & Drop Bot Builder, allowing users to create chatbots and customize them. It also provides a chat widget for Telegram or WhatsApp subscribers, enabling immediate interaction and prompt responses. 

The tool also offers broadcasting, live chat, and integration with WhatsApp Catalogue for product display. The Drip Campaigner allows users to set up drip campaigns for Telegram and WhatsApp, while the subscriber manager manages subscriber lists. 

The WhatsApp Webhook Workflow automates data transfer from third-party applications, streamlining processes and increasing productivity.

How does white labeling help businesses?

The rise of chatbots is being driven by the need for self-service and automation in lead generation, customer assistance, and engagement. 75–90% of questions will be answered by chatbots by 2022, and by 2024, the size of the worldwide chatbot market is projected to exceed $994 million. Seventy percent of white label professionals will use conversational platforms on a daily basis by 2022. 

Now is an ideal time to become a white label chatbot reseller and offer a demand-driven solution, as 79% of top-performing companies currently use conversational marketing tools.

BotSailor’s white labeling service delivers advantages to both developers and resellers, enabling each to concentrate on their core competencies while outsourcing complementary tasks to partners. Notable benefits include:

Reduces Market Entry Barriers: For sellers, white labeling opens doors to new markets without needing an in-depth understanding of manufacturing the product. All that’s required is a product concept centered on branding and marketing.

Expands Market Diversity: This approach introduces entirely new products to the market while also offering variations of existing ones. For instance, if an existing product functions well but lacks an appealing visual aspect, white labeling can address this by customizing packaging for mass-produced goods.

Enhances Cost Efficiency: Mass production typically results in higher profit margins for manufactured goods. White label manufacturers can reduce per-unit costs by conducting large production runs of a specific item, subsequently distributing batches of that item to multiple retailers.

The Advantages of Re-selling with BotSailor

Chatbot adoption in companies has surged in 2022, with 84% of companies predicting AI chatbots will become more crucial for customer communication in 2023. This trend is driven by the desire to improve customer service, efficiency, and cost savings.

  1. Rapid Market Entry

BotSailor’s white labeling service offers a quick way to enter new markets or launch new products, particularly beneficial for businesses expanding into chatbots and marketing automation.

  1. Maximize Profits with Minimal Investments

BotSailor provides business owners with an affordable way to make amazing profits by reselling bots. By using its ready-made platform, anyone may easily develop and provide solutions to a wide range of customers.

 Because of its scalability, BotSailor generates significant income growth, which attracts potential investors and makes it a profitable alternative for budding entrepreneurs.

  1. Customization and Branding

BotSailor offers white labeling services for businesses to customize chatbots and marketing tools, fostering customer trust and loyalty, and ensuring a seamless experience for clients.

  1. Focus on Core Competencies

BotSailor’s white labeling allows businesses to focus on core competencies, allowing them to allocate resources towards sales, marketing, and customer support, thereby driving business growth.

  1. Ongoing Support and Updates

BotSailor’s commitment to its white label partners doesn’t stop at the initial setup. They provide continuous support, updates, and maintenance, ensuring that the products remain competitive and up-to-date in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

  1. Unlock New Sources of Income

Marketing agencies can leverage BotSailor’s white-labeltnership to enhance their service portfolio by incorporating resold chatbots into their services. This strategic move not only increases profitability but also attracts larger, high-value clients, thereby unlocking a fresh revenue avenue.

Learn more about Ryan Melo and Irshad Masoomi two successful resellers of BotSailor.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Many individuals are eager to understand the financial prospects of reselling chatbots. It’s clear that the bottom line matters, and we’re here to shed light on this lucrative opportunity.

As industry experts and passionate chatbot enthusiasts, we’ve gathered valuable insights based on our extensive experience in chatbot development using our platform.

Earnings Breakdown

The potential to earn from reselling chatbots is significant, and it largely depends on your target client base:

Startups and Small Businesses: To reach an impressive revenue goal of $50,000, you may need to work with nearly a hundred startup and small business clients. This involves managing a larger client base, each contributing smaller sums.

Mid-Size and Enterprise Businesses: Alternatively, you can achieve the same revenue milestone by reselling chatbots to a more exclusive group of 25-30 mid-size or enterprise businesses. The advantage here is that each client can provide a higher revenue contribution.


Consider Enterprise Challenges

It’s vital to recognize that engaging with enterprise-level clients can be more demanding than with small businesses. The sales process may require additional effort and resources, but the rewards are notably greater.


How to Get Started

Starting your business with BotSailor’s white labeling service is a straightforward and tailored process, designed to cater to your specific needs and business objectives:


  1. Research and Contact: Begin by thoroughly researching BotSailor’s offerings on their website. Take a close look at their pricing list to understand the cost structure. When you’re ready to start a white labeling re-seller business, initiate payment process with BotSailor through the provided contact information on their website.


  1. Initial Consultation: BotSailor understands that every business is unique, and your needs may vary. After payment you can discuss your specific business goals, theme customization, and any questions or concerns you might have to BotSailor Dev team. This conversation serves as the foundation for a successful partnership.


  1. Agreement and Customization: After the initial consultation, BotSailor will provide you with a white label agreement tailored to your business’s requirements. This document outlines the terms and conditions of your partnership, including pricing details based on their pricing list. Review the agreement carefully and, upon agreement, sign the contract.


  1. Product Customization: With the agreement in place, the product customization process kicks off. BotSailor’s expert developer team will collaborate with you to adapt their chatbot and marketing solutions to align seamlessly with your brand. This personalization is key to ensuring that your white-labeled products represent your brand identity effectively.


  1. Integration and Launch: Once the product customization is complete, BotSailor’s experts will assist you with the integration process also. They’ll ensure that your branded chatbot and marketing tools are properly integrated into your existing systems. After integration, you’re ready for the product launch, which may involve training and technical support.


  1. Leveraging BotSailor’s Pricing Model: BotSailor’s transparent pricing list, which you can find on their website, will be instrumental in your go-to-market strategy. You can leverage their pricing model to offer competitive packages to your clients. This pricing transparency fosters trust and helps you attract customers seeking cost-effective and reliable solutions.


  1. Customer Acquisition: With your white-labeled products live, it’s time to focus on customer acquisition. Your established marketing and sales strategies come into play here, and your competitive pricing, aligned with BotSailor’s model, is a valuable selling point.


  1. Providing Ongoing Value: BotSailor’s commitment to your success doesn’t stop at launch. They will continue to support you with regular updates and maintenance to keep your solutions competitive and up-to-date in the fast-paced tech industry.


  1. Scaling and Expanding: As your business grows, and you gain more clients, you can explore expanding your white label services to other niches or industries. BotSailor’s versatile solutions can be customized to cater to a wide range of markets, enabling you to multiply your growth potential.


Relevant Use Case of Chatbots

Import Export Shipment Truck Graphic Concept

Personal Care and Beauty Industry: BotSailor offers personalized beauty consultation chatbots for personal care and beauty industries, enhancing customer engagement and driving sales. These chatbots can provide product recommendations, beauty tips, tutorials, and personalized marketing campaigns, while resellers focus on branding, marketing, and customer relationships. 

For example large companies like Sephora, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal, Maybelline are already using AI Chatbots to make millions. These are just a few examples of personal beauty care companies that are using AI chatbots to enhance the customer experience and increase profits.

HealthCare Industry: Resellers can create chatbots to assist patients in scheduling appointments, check availability, book appointments, and send reminders. 

These chatbots can also help patients assess their symptoms, provide triage recommendations, answer patient FAQs, send medication reminders, follow up with patients post-appointment, provide telehealth support, offer health and wellness tips, and provide emergency response assistance. 

BotSailor’s white-label service allows resellers to customize these chatbot solutions to fit the specific needs of healthcare providers and institutions, improving patient care and streamlining administrative processes.


Finally, implementing BotSailor’s white labeling solution can significantly expand your company’s potential. By utilizing their technology and experience, you can offer advanced chatbot and marketing solutions under your brand, grow your company, focus on core skills, cut costs, and penetrate new markets.


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