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Major warning about the truly stupid ‘smart’ meter

Millions of households with a smart meter are being warned about a major issue.

A recent Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) report warned that millions of smart meters could become “useless” when the 2G and 3G phone networks are scrapped. This would mean around seven million will need to be replaced.

This is because some smart meters have a SIM card which connects the gadget to wireless networks, the Mirror reports. These smart meters will require a new SIM card which connects to the 4G network.

However, it has been warned the option to move to a 4G network won’t become available until 2025 at the earliest. There may also be a cost to upgrade as updates could be “very significant”.

A Department for Energy Security and Net Zero spokesperson told the Mirror: “The latest NAO report recognised progress made on the rollout of smart meters, acknowledging savings would be worth around £50 a year off a typical dual fuel bill. Suppliers have been set ambitious but realistic installation targets so as many people benefit as quickly as possible.

“Energy suppliers are also obliged to upgrade communications equipment to ensure smart meters continue to be connected, and we are working with industry to support a smooth transition for consumers when 2G and 3G is switched off at the end of 2033.”

The deadline for the switchover from 3G and 2G is in 2033. It is currently not clear how the switchover will be implemented by energy suppliers and whether they would take on the cost of the upgrade or new installation.

In 2016, the Government published plans to install smart meters in homes and small businesses across the UK. This was revised in 2020 and it became part of the Government’s Net Zero Strategy which aims to have the UK have net-zero emissions by 2050.

The PAC report has called for an updated assessment of whether smart meters deliver the anticipated energy bill savings.

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