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AstraZeneca granted licence for Nanoform’s AI technology

STARMAP will accelerate the selection of AZ’s best molecule candidates

AstraZeneca (AZ) has been granted a global online licence by Nanoform to access its STARMAP artificial intelligence (AI) technology to screen molecules.

The agreement builds on several years of early-stage collaboration between both companies, as well as a completed technology evaluation partnership, including STARMAP.

Nanoform’s STARMAP is a digital AI version of its Controlled Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (CESS) technology, a technology that enables the creation of API nanoparticles directly from solution, which allows in-silico experiments to decide which molecules should be nanoformed.

The online technology, which successfully completed technology evaluation in clinical candidate feasibility studies, will allow clients to perform large numbers of in-silico CESS experiments via their desktops.

It assures users security and safety, confidentiality, scalability, agility and novel insights.

As part of the licensing agreement, Nanoform’s STARMAP will allow AZ to screen molecules from drug discovery to lifecycle management by selecting the best molecule candidates.

Furthermore, AZ will improve its bioavailability, differentiation, formulation and patient adherence.

The nanoparticle medicine-enabling company, Nanoform, will gain access to compound libraries and large data sets for STARMAP screening.

Additionally, both companies will collaboratively propose innovative product development concepts and strategies.

Christian Jones, chief commercial officer of Nanoform, said: “External collaboration is fundamental to advancing medicines into the hands of patients that need them. By combining Nanoform’s AI-based STARMAP approach and in-house nanotechnology expertise we can help to accelerate AZ’s medicine development goals and support more patient- and planet-centric medicine development initiatives.”

In September 2019, Nanoform and AZ partnered to initiate a technology evaluation of Nanoform’s CESS technology across a range of AZ’s proprietary pharmaceutical products.

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