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How Can Twin Flames and Truth Vibrations Dismantle the Simulation ?

According to hundreds of sources from astrologers, numerologists, psychics and many others, Twin Flames are two parts of a soul or divine spark that once were one but then separated, usually eons ago. Often, but not always, these two parts incarnate into lives at the same time, though very often with a time delay between the two. This is why there is often an age difference between them. Their meeting is arranged “by chance” or many say by forces outside the simulation. Both go through life experiences and grow to get them ready for their meeting. This is why Twin Flames often meet later in life. Synchronicities start to pop up in the lives of the twins that can lead them to the realization that they have a twin and are about to meet them.  Synchronicities can be seeing recurring numbers such as 11:11, 333, 444, 555 but also events and information that are more than mere coincidences. These can be songs playing on the radio alarm clock with particular lyrics, an Email or two about the subject of Twin Flames; something that occurs in the life of both twins such as an ant bite both suffer from within weeks of each other or having a friend who also has a Twin Flame though Twin Flames are rare, and more such unexplainable occurrences. Often they feel each other though they have never met. This can happen because both are connected on the soul/Divine spark level outside the simulation.

Once Twin Flames meet, there is usually an instant recognition, a feeling of home and a strong attraction. Often both twins have a deep inner knowing that their purpose is to be of service to humanity, for example by helping in the awakening of others. Twin Flames mirror each other and thereby accelerate each other’s spiritual advancement or awakening. Twin Flames have shared many past lives and in-between lives which is why the familiarity is so strong when they meet. Both are connected and can feel each other’s emotions, even thoughts over large distances.

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