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Where hate rules compassion dies – whatever your belief or culture

Furious Palestinian supporters have been tearing down posters of Israeli children kidnapped by Hamas – with one telling people filming her to f*** off and another saying ‘go cry’.

Shocking footage has been posted online showing a female Palestinian supporter in London ripping down posters of kidnapped Israeli citizens and claiming there was ‘inaccurate information’ on them about women being raped.

Appalled witnesses filmed the young woman, who has not yet been identified, clutching the torn down posters depicting the innocents taken hostage by Hamas terrorists in Israel on October 7.

In another incident, a different woman was tearing down posters to support Israel , accusing her confronter of not caring about Arab victims, and telling her to ‘go cry’.

The videos have emerged as Pro-Palestinian demonstrators have clashed with Jewish activists showing the faces of Israeli children kidnaped by Hamas on billboard vans.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) said drivers of the vehicles were stopped by chanting anti-Israel protesters as they made their way through London on Thursday evening.

In the angry exchange on October 7, the woman told the two men filming her to ‘f*** off’ when they demanded to know why she had ripped down the posters, before launching into a tirade, shouting ‘what’s happening in Palestine?’

As the men begged her to stop destroying the posters of ‘innocent civilians’, she replied ‘oh, and Palestinians aren’t?

‘So how do you feel about the Palestinians and what’s happening there,’ she shouted.

When they replied that the innocent Israeli civilians had been kidnapped, she hit back ‘So why do you not give a f***k about them [the Palestinian civilians]?’

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