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Infamous fraudulent ‘Covid’ test manipulator Christian Drosten targets ‘disinformation’ at World ‘Health’ Summit. Pinch me, it can’t be true. Ouch, it is. They have no shame

At the World Health Summit on Monday, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said a Pandemic Treaty was necessary because of the “misinformation pandemic.”

At the same discussion, infamous fraudulent covid test “inventor” Dr. Christian Drosten said that as well as tackling “disinformation,” testing would be “really efficient” in the next pandemic before a drug or vaccine was available.

The World Health Summit 2023 took place from October 15-17 in Berlin, Germany and online.  On Monday, during a session titled ‘Learning from Covid-19 For Future Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response’ panellists discussed “how to ensure equitable access to tests, treatments and vaccines.”

Two of the panellists were Lauterbach and Drosten.  You can view a list of all the panellists in the Summit’s booklet HERE (pg. 76).

Dr. Christian Drosten is the head of the Institute for Virology at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Europe’s largest university hospital.  The World Health Summit was organised at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Drosten is a co-discoverer of SARS-associated coronavirus (“SARS-CoV”) and developed one of its first diagnostic tests in 2003. According to Wikipedia, in 2017 Drosten warned that the SARS virus potential needed to be investigated. On 23 January 2020, Drosten, along with other virologists in Europe and Hong Kong, published a workflow of a real-time PCR (“RT-PCR”) diagnostic test, which was accepted by the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and sent test kits to affected regions.

With this RT-PCR workflow, Dorsten is credited for “inventing” the test to determine a covid “case” worldwide.  To understand the enormity of Drosten’s part in the fraudulently declared covid pandemic, we need to understand that covid was a casedemic, not a pandemic.

In October 2021, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg explained, and not for the first time, that covid was a “test” pandemic, not a virus pandemic, because PCR tests may give a positive result when it detects coronaviruses that have been around for 20 years.  Dr. Wodarg was working on the assumption the tests were being done accurately and the genetic material it was being used to detect was specific to coronaviruses.

In September 2020, Professor Martin Neil received some anonymous emails providing hard evidence that the PCR tests for covid were never accurate or fit for purpose.   After a deeper dive into the primer sequences that Drosten used in his blueprint testing system, the anonymous emailer highlighted that as well as primers matching naturally occurring sequences of unknown origin in seawater – some of the primer sequences are found in the human genome itself.

Even if the correct primer sequences had been used, positive reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (“RT-PCR”) tests are not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool as they cannot distinguish between inactive (non-infectious) viruses and “live” or reproductive ones.

The PCR test is a genetic manufacturing technology that looks for specific snippets of code and amplifies them by doubling on every cycle. Its inventor, Kary Mullis, who won a Nobel Prize for the process that he invented, declared that this was never intended to be a valid diagnostic tool. And it’s known by all who use it that it cannot detect active infection. Yet, Drosten’s PCR tests were fraudulently used to drive the covid case numbers and deaths recorded as with covid.  It’s important to recall that deaths with covid are not the same as deaths caused by covid.

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