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Just Stop Oil Blocks Coach Carrying Migrants to Bibby Stockholm Barge Claiming They Are Victims of Climate Change

A Just Stop Oil mob today tried to stop the first asylum seekers returning to the Bibby Stockholm barge, claiming the migrants are victims of climate change and blaming the Government. The Mail has the story.

Dramatic footage shows the eco clowns rushing a coach driving into the Port of Portland and trying to block its path. The protesters, including one woman with crutches, push back against the moving vehicle and scream at the driver to stop, as another group sits on the road in front.

The driver continues slowly edging forward and by the time the coach reaches the group sitting down they are forced to stand up. Activists holding a banner reading “no prison ships” then stand with their backs to the vehicle as it continues moving forward.

JSO later shared a statement admitting defeat and hysterically accusing the driver of “intent to kill”. A spokesman said: “We are saddened to report that we were unable to halt transportation of refugees to the prison – the driver rammed through the block, risking killing those in front.”

Targeting the Government’s immigration strategy represents a departure for Just Stop Oil, who usually focus solely on environmental issues. JSO recently announced it would begin three more weeks of daily slow marches in London, beginning on October 30th – in a fresh blow for Londoners following months of disruptive protests.

Today, the asylum seekers arriving in Portland were also met by at least 30 anti-barge protesters cheering them and waving banners reading “scrap the barge” and “refugees welcome”.

Out of the 39 people removed from the vessel in August, 29 are expected to return today. The Home Office has said tests for Legionella, as well as improved fire safety protocols, had been completed ahead of their return.

Others have found accommodation with relatives, one had returned to their home country and others had mental health issues exempting them from staying on the barge.

A Just Stop Oil spokesperson said today: “We know that our Government’s plan for new oil and gas is going to lead to more people being displaced from their homes.

“Forced from where they have lived for generations due to the actions of our failing politicians.

“People coming to the U.K. must met with common humanity, and not housed in prison ships. Not on our watch.

“‘We are taking action today to show love and solidarity with all people coming to this country.”

Perhaps it should be renamed Just Stop Controlling Borders?

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