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UK Parliament has become a rubber stamp for a totalitarian agenda

The following is the front-page article from the latest issue of The Light, a peopled-funded monthly newspaper of The Light Paper. It is available worldwide to read online and/or order printed copies.  Its sister paper is The Irish Light which is distributed throughout Ireland.

A free country? Parliament now a rubber stamp for totalitarian agenda

By The Light, Issue 38, October 2023

While you may have been distracted by various stories in the media, Parliament has been passing laws which will change the relationship between the individual and the state.

In addition, world leaders have agreed a Pandemic Preparedness Framework with the United Nations General Assembly, that will enable them to quarantine and inject everybody on Earth with whatever they say is necessary (see Page 5 of this month’s issue of The Light).

Also, the Online Safety Bill, which has just been passed under the guise of keeping the internet safe for children, obligates “private” companies to censor any content that goes against the government narrative.

So, if the state does harm to you unlawfully, you won’t be able to tell anyone about it.

We are taught in history books about totalitarian regimes that deceive, rob, torture and commit genocide, but this is on another level. This is a serious reality facing every one of us, and needs to be talked about by everyone, every day.

Not only are they really doing this, but you are not being told about any of it by the media, yet it is extremely important news.

Last month, we told you about the new Energy Security Act, which will do anything but keep our energy supplies safe, secure, and affordable.

Again, under the guise of saving the Earth from a non-existent climate problem, energy companies, with the full backing of the police force, will be able to install a smart meter in your home whether you want one or not. Whether you are susceptible to radiation or not. Whether you value your privacy and independence or not.

Further, that law will require everyone to have energy performance assessments carried out on their properties at some point and to do any work deemed necessary to bring them up to standard.

There will be fines of up to £15,000 and a year in prison for non-compliance. If you’re in prison, you can’t work, so you can’t pay your mortgage, and the bank will take your house. “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing and I’m happy.”

Government works for us – it is our servant and not our master.

And yet the population seem to have been distracted, bamboozled, drugged up and deceived into accepting these atrociously tyrannical laws and agreements.

Laws that are being made in the name of health and safety – the excuse of every totalitarian state in history! Those of us who know this history do not want to be doomed to see it being repeated.

In Britain, we have a constitution which protects us from such outrageous government interference in our private lives and homes. But it is being wholly ignored by MPs and bureaucrats, who are determined to make Britain a digital prison state where people are severely restricted in their freedom to travel, speak, work and raise a family.

That is not a country we should leave to our children but, until many more people both catch on to exactly what is happening and do everything they can about it, then Britain – along with every other so-called “democratic” nation – will become like the Soviet Union, North Korea, East Germany and so on – something that we have been led to believe could never happen here.

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